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Monday, June 4, 2007

BREE CHAT, June 4 2007

  • Talk about Bree's chat in IRC CHAT

  • Bree appeared in LG15 Chat tonight. Because LG15 chat is totally incapable of handling large chats, many users experienced extreme difficulties during the chat. People either could not get in, experienced crashes or freeze up. The Creators are perfectly aware of these problems because they are not new, and many users have suggested that until they get it fixed they would be better off using IRC Chat.

    We tried to get a log of the chat and got at least a partial log.


    Several other logs exist including one on LGpedia , and over the next few days we will all work together to bring you the best account we are able to compile. It just would be nice if the Creators would not put us through this every time they attempt a live chat.

    Here are a few quotes from Bree:

    "[00:04:45] lonelygirl15: eerb
    [00:04:58] lonelygirl15: monkey? monkeys are purple
    [00:05:03] lonelygirl15: i'm fine
    [00:05:08] lonelygirl15: JUST fINe
    [00:05:27] lonelygirl15: like swimming?
    [00:05:57] lonelygirl15: no has done anything to me. except those LIARS
    [00:06:11] lonelygirl15: ritchie rich
    [00:06:36] lonelygirl15: they are not my friends
    [00:06:41] lonelygirl15: my friends hear the music
    [00:07:00] lonelygirl15: hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    [00:07:11] lonelygirl15: <3 carl
    [00:07:25] lonelygirl15: you're not going to turn out well shadow
    [00:07:45] lonelygirl15: LISTEN??? all i can hear is the mUSic
    [00:07:53] lonelygirl15: la la la la
    [00:08:10] lonelygirl15: Why?
    [00:08:18] lonelygirl15: the music makes me feel good. the people here don't.
    00:08:40] lonelygirl15: yes tehy do want to harm me
    [0:08:53] lonelygirl15: they locked me in hear like an animal
    [00:08:56] lonelygirl15: like a MONKEY
    [00:09:19] lonelygirl15: fine. he's typing write now.
    [00:09:44] lonelygirl15: NAH SMECH!!!*(*&^*&^*&^*&^*&^*&^*&^
    [00:10:08] lonelygirl15: p monkey la la la la thor i love him too
    [00:10:32] lonelygirl15: EVIL = LIVE
    [00:10:47] lonelygirl15: ok Danielle, do you hear the music too?
    [00:10:54] lonelygirl15: la la la hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    [00:11:24] lonelygirl15: FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [00:16:43] lonelygirl15: SAY IT AGAIN AND I WILL
    [00:16:59] lonelygirl15: :)
    [00:17:25] lonelygirl15: :p
    [00:17:43] lonelygirl15: ok thank you
    [00:17:48] lonelygirl15: LUV LUV LUV LUV
    [00:17:53] lonelygirl15: i'm listening now
    [00:16:49] lonelygirl15: milo where's you go??
    [00:18:16] lonelygirl15: where where where"
    [00:18:38] lonelygirl15: p monkey is good. he's my friend. i love him, he listens to me
    [00:19:08] lonelygirl15: owen is here.
    00:19:17] lonelygirl15: where's thor???
    [00:19:25] lonelygirl15: i think they took him
    [00:18:09] lonelygirl15: they would take him from me
    [00:19:44] lonelygirl15: i do have an eternal song
    [00:19:46] lonelygirl15: do you?
    [00:20:05] lonelygirl15: GooD
    [00:20:56] lonelygirl15: are you from brooklyn?
    [00:21:15] lonelygirl15: genre? the genre of eternal happiness. hmmmmmmm
    [00:21:35] lonelygirl15: ive never been there
    [00:22:00] lonelygirl15: sweet
    [00:22:32] lonelygirl15: so what are you all doing here?
    [00:23:35] lonelygirl15: help me with what?
    [00:23:52] lonelygirl15: ritchie rich $$$
    [00:24:09] lonelygirl15: jonas and daniel have betrayed me
    [00:24:22] lonelygirl15: friends don't lock friends up
    [00:24:37] lonelygirl15: a shot of LOVE
    [00:25:41] lonelygirl15: rope tied up small space
    [00:26:36] lonelygirl15: hmmm no rope please
    [00:27:05] lonelygirl15: gEnoCide
    [00:27:45] lonelygirl15: sam i am join in the FUN
    [00:28:31] lonelygirl15: monkey
    [00:28:53] lonelygirl15: i'm NOT tied up!!!
    [00:29:16] lonelygirl15: don't tie me up please
    [00:29:48] lonelygirl15: please don't
    [00:30:26] lonelygirl15: computer compeuter camera monkey
    [00:31:36] lonelygirl15: let's all sing together
    [00:33:42] lonelygirl15: WHAT is your favorite song??? little monkey
    [00:34:05] lonelygirl15: i want to go hiking
    [00:34:22] lonelygirl15: n-o-w please
    [00:35:00] lonelygirl15: SLAP YOU eldfkjnsdlfjsdlfjsdlkjfsfjsjkj
    [00:35:05] lonelygirl15: 28459347543987539543530495395-439
    [00:35:32] lonelygirl15: they can't read the lyrics
    [00:35:50] lonelygirl15: i hear the music do you?
    [00:36:09] lonelygirl15: i like dance in the water
    [00:36:22] lonelygirl15: within all of us
    [00:36:55] lonelygirl15: dance dance dance around the room
    [00:37:29] lonelygirl15: mpuff tje ,agic dragon lioved byu the seea;;;;; anmd frlocked the in the automn
    [00:38:20] lonelygirl15: iluv,e seriously
    [00:38:29] lonelygirl15: seriously seriously seriously seriously
    [00:39:43] lonelygirl15: i am sing with you. i'm on the bed jumping up and down screaming teh lyrics to anyone who will listen
    [00:44:49] lonelygirl15: who's daniel?
    [00:45:55] lonelygirl15: what's a chat?
    00:46:16] lonelygirl15: I adore you!
    [00:46:34] lonelygirl15: what am i doing here?
    [00:48:24] lonelygirl15: squirrels munch on acorns
    [00:49:56] lonelygirl15: they LOCKED me in here!!!!!
    [00:50:02] lonelygirl15: jonas is evil
    [00:51:42] lonelygirl15: they've all lost the tune
    [00:53:54] lonelygirl15: I AM PURE. IT is the world that is dirty
    [00:54:37] lonelygirl15: &*(&(*&%$^%$^%$^*&)(*_*_
    [00:55:56] lonelygirl15: good night. i will sing for you"

    NOTES: The first eight posts and some other posts have been filled in after the fact, from a different log (Perky's), so the timestamps are different. Thanks to Milo_went and Karin for submitting logs to [email protected]


    1. Thanks MM, for moving the bulk of it off the front page of the blog.

      I think the block for the Creators is probably how much effort they have already put into making the chat on the main site work - I remember Miles saying he spent many hours on it. I can see it being hard to just punt and go to IRC after investing all that sweat, even if it would be a better choice.

      Possibly, they are concerned about keeping IP addresses private for all the computers they might connect to the chat with. By using the main site, they can chat from anywhere, without ever having to worry about the chat client set-up on the current computer they happen to be using.

      They probably don't have the resources to really make it robust. With IRC, it would be much more robust, but the Creators would have less control over the environment.

      One option might be to ask the Creators to keep (and email to LGPedia, this blog) chat logs for these kinds of character visits? Just a thought.

      But I agree that IRC would be better in most ways for fans.

      I was in for part of the Bree chat, and I could not even scroll back to read what was happening because the screen kept refreshing. I tried clicking the "history" button, and that smaller window also scrolls and updates with each new line someone enters, so you cannot even highlight/cut/paste from it while the chat is in progress.

      Is there a "back door" way to connect to the LG chat that works better than the pop-up window they provide from the main site?

    2. i in the very first chat I was the only who who got any kind of log. We need mulitple people doing it until the Creators prove they can do it for us.

      IRC chat is so much better at this stage.

    3. QtheC -
      That makes sense what you say about them not being able to control hackers and freaks who want to know their IP addys out of the LG website.

      What is it that would prevent that horrible lagging? More servers? Or is it the software? Was it just not built to handle that many people in chat?

      One of the main problems also is that people in the chat all suddenly turn into 5 & 6yr olds, who just ate all their candy from trick-or-treating in one sitting. I guess there's not a lot you can do about that though.

      Its a shame because it could be so much fun.

    4. NO, they don't ever listen... Sigh.

      Same as it ever was.


    5. I don't know the moderator/operator options in the LG chat thing. I think they did actually disable microphone/cameras during Bree's visit (you could see the little icons, but they had small red x's on them).

      In IRC, if things get too crazy, the operator can "devoice" the masses (to cut the scroll) and voice people in turn ... or voice everyone, but kick people who spam or do not hush when asked to, etc.

      An active operator in the LG15 chat might help the same way, but the bigger problem is the lagging and freezing application.

      I'm not sure how the logs we have were captured - I found it impossible to cut and paste from the fast scrolling window without exiting to a quiet room and missing large portions.

      Anyway, nice job putting this much info together Modelmotion, so that many more could enjoy it. It's much easier looking at a log file than trying to scan in real time during a live chat, with super fast scroll happening.

    6. i just wanted to say thanks for posting the bree chat and for everything the blog contributors do. it's all so helpful. especially for silly people like me who can't get into chat or suck at solving puzzles. :D

    7. For the record, the person Bree slapped was me.



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