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Monday, June 4, 2007

Concern for P-Monkey Wins by a Landslide, Sorry Jules

A recent brief comments board survey indicates that fans are more concerned about P-Monkey's rough handling by emoSarah than they are about Jule's fate in the hands of the Order.

There was a certain amount of fan outcry after emoSarah's recent "Entertaining Myself" video, leading to some speculation of a Sarah vs. Bree smackdown when Bree snaps out of her Hymn Of One haze and sees the damning footage of P-Monkey's humilation. As one fan (who shall remain named modelmotion) put it on the Sarah Chat forum:

Just wait, when Bree comes outta her HoO comma you are in for one good beating. I dont think I have ever seen Bree mad. I mean the Order is one thing. Her dad getting killed by the Order was bad. But u touch P. Monkey and u are not gonna get off lightly.
Lacking, however, are expressions of concern about the fate of Jules, taken by the Order at the same time as Bree in "What the F@*k???"

This prompted the question... was it simply a matter of 'out of sight, out of mind' or are fans truely more concerned about P-Monkey than Jules? So we conducted a little survey (very little)...

The Question
QtheC asks: "Who is everyone more worried about? Jules or P-Monkey?"

The Replies
caravelle says: "P monkey of course."

Brooklynxman elaborates: "I'm more worried that Jules might return then if P monkey is okay, but in terms of the person's welfare, definitely more concerned about P Monkey."

Truncatedslinky answers: "Do you want my real answer or my nice answer?"

blackitty offers: "I would say P.Monkey. At least we know Owen is in good hands with Joe."

Rebelgoddess replies: "What a silly question. Jules of co-…no, wait…"

Kelseygirl states emphatically: "P Monkey by a long shot."

modelmotion says randomly: "I think they should have had orange and purple stones."

Those are a few reactions from the comments board. It's a good thing Jules is "trait negative." So, what do you think?

~ QtheC

ED: Please note, this is a light-hearted article poking fun at some of the strangeness of the breeniverse, and is NOT an invitation to start Jules bashing...


  1. I was worried about Jules when the Scoobies kidnapped her. But she seems to feel at home with the Order. And since she's trait negative I don't think they will do anything past singing, spin art and pizza to her. P*Monkey on the other hand....

    PT to P*Monkey: What emoSARAH is showing you is not love! She just uses you! Be careful!!!

  2. Well the only positive thing is that it will probably help the P.Monkey4president2008 campaign. Just don't expect to see emoSarah on the ticket!!!!!. But, than again, you won't see Jules either.

    The real question should be, who will P. Monkey pick for a running mate?


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