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Monday, June 25, 2007

Daniel needs YOUR help

danielbeast: "Hey Everyone, I need your help. Please contact Spencer Gilmanhttp://www.myspace.com/la_labrat and ask for him to listen to me and help us. His father was helping Bree's dad, Drew, create a serum to make Bree trait negative. If Bree's trait negative the Order will no longer need her for the ceremony. Specer's dad, Isaac, was killed the same day Drew was killed by Lucy and the Deacon. Spencer is our last chance to save Bree. We need him to help us.Please friend and message him."

Please help daniel, message Spencer's myspace.


  1. but...why?

    I mean even if no one messages him he's still going to join forces with TAAG (because of the neutrogena deal)

    so why care>?

  2. Hi daniel! I will be sure to message spencer for you. I am an 18-year old girl new to myspace just looking to have fun. lolz. i like to wear revealing clothing and scarf up easy male bait as myspace friends. i am sure spencer will reply to me. toodles!

  3. I suspect 'candy' knows Joe.

  4. We should all send Spencer messages not to talk to Daniel. Then when he does (because it's part of the script) complain that this isn't interactive because the characters don't listen to us.

  5. i second joe's idea. tell him daniel is an axe-murderer.

  6. I'm going to tell Spencer that Jonas and Daniel are traveling encyclopedia salesman. If that doesn't scare him, nothing will.


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