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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Decoding Jonas?

Could Jonas's bizarre email have been a coded message for someone? (discussion here)

i'm sure you've seen sarah's latest v-blog. just between you and I, what's your sister's problem? i mean, there was no other point of doing that other than to hurt me. right? this whole thing with bree sucks. and sarah seems to be getting some freaky pleasure out of making fun of me right now. i'm pissed! who the hell wouldn't be? the way sarah slams me and what I'm going through is totally callous. oh, sorry, let me define "callous" for anyone who might be reading this (like sarah) who's command of the english language seems to be limited to "do you wanna?". "callous" can mean two different things - both are pretty good synonyms for "sarah".
1. having calluses; toughened: like callous skin on the elbow.
(check you elbows, taylor, it may run in the family)
2. emotionally hardened; unfeeling
(again, be careful, taylor, it may be genetic)

and what's up with her telling everyone bree was my first time? what's your sister's problem? i think sarah's nutz. i think she has some serious mental health issues that she's never dealt with and this is how she cops her bad feelings about herselfff.

i would really appreciate it if from now one would you use please a little sensinavity when sharing information about me, daniel, bree and even your sister. it seems like your sister won't ever know any better, so I 'm sending this to you, hoping you'll learn from her mistake. none of us should even have to deal with this crap. we should all be concentrating on finding Bree and dealing with the order. you incorrectly thinking that you can triangulate cell phone towers in the middle of the woods isn’t helping. i don’t appreciate wild goose chases.

oh, pne last thing: DO NOT POST THIS! this is for your eyes only. i don't want to make this any bigger than it already is.



He sent it to Taylor, CC'd it to Sarah (CC = carbon copy, it means he sent it to Sarah as well), and BCC'd it to Daniel (BCC= blind carbon copy, it means he sent it to Daniel, but Taylor and Sarah couldn't see Daniel's email address).

Clue #1
Three canon characters converged in one place at one time to discuss the email. There has not been simultanious online gathering of this many characters since the infamous chat with Bree, Gemma and Jonas last November!

Clue #2
The poor spelling and grammar. LG characters tend to write pretty well, but this email was littered with blantant mistakes. Look at these:
between you and I = between you and me (this is an extremely common mistake and may mean nothing even if this is a code)
...with bree sucks. and sarah... = ...with bree sucks. sarah... (starting a sentence with a conjunction is bad grammar, but another very common mistake)
who's = whose (this one is more blatant. "Who's" is a contraction of 'who is' or 'who has'. "Whose" is the possessive form of who.
wanna = want to (this one is iffy)
calluses = callouses (technically, calluses is a correct spelling, but as he used 'callous' throughout, it seemed out of place)
check you elbows = check your elbows
nutz = nuts
cops = copes with ('cops' does have other meanings aside from police, but none seem to fit. If he meant copes with, he made that one VERY blatant)
herselfff = herself
one = on
would you use please = would you please use (I'm not 100% sure if this one is wrong or not)
sensinavity = sensitivity
pne = one

Clue #3
The "mixed messages" Taylor mentions. Check these out:
-"just between you and I" (also note that the word 'I' in this phrase, his signature, Bree's name when he says 'concentrating on finding Bree', and one sentence in all caps, are the only capital letters in the entire message.)
-"And Sarah seems to be getting some freaky pleasure out of making fun of me right now."
-definition of 'callous'
-"And what's up with her telling everyone Bree was my first time?"
-Asking "What's your sister's problem?" twice

The first one is the most suspect to me, and was possibly written that way to send up red flags for the intended recipient (though we haven't figured out who that would be yet.) Pair this with the big deal he makes in the last paragraph about it being for her eyes only and all that, it seems a little fishy, no?

Clue #4

The rude, cold, angry tone of the letter.
We've seen Jonas upset. What does he usually do? Not this. He usually talks about some unrelated incident in his past to use as an analogy of sorts, and gets emotional and upset, and may even mock the person he's upset with, but not usually cold and cruel.

Clue #5
Jonas was gone for a very long time surrounding when this email was sent. Apparently he told everyone that he was out chopping a lot of wood for a bonfire. Does this make sense? "Stop doing what you're doing, we all have to focus entirely on finding and saving Bree... after we have a bonfire!"

Clue #6
Okay, maybe it isn't really a clue, but he signed his name simply as 'J'. Tachyon always signed her name as 'T'. Hmm...

Some theories thus far:
ApothosisAZ: (forum)
"Was Jonas testing Daniel to see if he would reveal his receipt of the message? That's about all I can make out of it."
kgurl84: (forum)
"It does seem weird but as far as all the spelling, I don't think it's anything more than him being so emotionally distraught that all spelling goes out the window!! It just may be used as a distraction so that Jonas could slip away and go after Bree on his own..."
chippercat: (forum)
"I used the anagram program again. If you take all the words that were incorrectly
spelled or improper grammer (I excluded calluses and wanna) we have:

and whos you nutz cops herselfff one sensinavity one.

Words that stood out when anagrammed were:

search, woodpile, hunt, fun, tonite, have, you


n s n s f f s n s a y o n

from this there is possibly:

off or nosy or fans or any or say or on

or the remaining N S N S S N S N could be directional (north, south?)

with ffayo remaining… but I have no freaking clue what the hell that could
possibly mean, lol!

However if I were to put callus and wanna back in we could make the word:

awful, swallow , false …

I’m gonna keep looking…

Just saw y’all thought it might be a puzzle… thought I’d put in my two cents.


chippercat (again): (forum)

"I'm thinking a coded message is some sort of test to Sarah and Taylor and he blind copied Daniel, hoping he would catch on and not go to them about it. I'm thinking Jonas and Bree have staged the recent situation and Bree is safe somewhere. Bree may have reasons not to trust Sarah and Taylor... now that Daniel is attached to Sarah he may not be thinking clearly (remember Alex). This may have been Jonas and Brees way to try to test loyalties of some sort. OR maybe this is just turning into some stupid teenage dramafest... I would like to believe there is somethere deeper going on."

QtheC: (comments)

"As I mentioned in a comment on the posting on the LG15 Today blog, callus could be “call us” (if there is some hidden code in Jonas’ email. But all his mistakes could also have been meant to convey his state of mind. "

tealmtl: (comments)

"If there is a code in the email, to whom is it directed? Was Jonas secretly hoping Taylor would post the email in the forums? Why wouldn’t he just come right out and say what he wanted to say to Taylor, Sarah, Daniel or us (in his own chat)? I think the bad writing is just the carelessness resulting from anger."

JustAnotherLonelyGirl: (forum)

"I wonder if it's possible Jonas DIDN'T send that e-mail. Maybe it was a set-up from someone else. Something is definitely fishy and it isn't Bree..."

So, what do you think...
Is it a coded message? For whom was it intended? What does it mean? Did Jonas disappear to hunt down Bree while he was out chopping wood? Was it just a test? Is it just a random theory that isn't true?

By the way... the general feeling is that if we keep seeing things that look like codes but turn out to be nothing, the LG fans will go Bree on the writers. You've been warned...


  1. Nicely done Kelly. Some great research!!!

  2. Maybe Jonas didn't send it.

  3. "By the way... the general feeling is that if we keep seeing things that look like codes but turn out to be nothing, the LG fans will go Bree on the writers. You've been warned..."

    omg.....now that was the best part!!!!! U tell em Kelly!!!!!!

  4. I am really really hoping that BDJS have finally gotten wise about how to use the videos to outsmart the order, instead of just constantly airing their real plans. I hope there is a message in the e-mail and that the intrepid audience decodes it.

  5. Maybe Jonas sent a second email saying to post the email, so that he could use it as an excuse to be emotional and go away from the rest, while in reality he is looking for Bree.

  6. minor edit:
    I changed
    "sensinativity = sensitivity" to be
    "sensinavity = sensitivity"
    and removed the comment about "nativity"

  7. Very random, but in the post about drama, there is a user "callxmexnevxx"

    which stood out a little to me because it contains the words "call" "me" and "nev" ... kind of reminding me of some of the words in Jonas' message.

  8. Looking at missing, changed, or added letters, I have tried to find a telephone number, so far without success.

    The telephone code (buttons on a standard phone) are:
    2 abc
    3 def
    4 ghi
    5 jkl
    6 mno
    7 pqrs
    8 tuv
    9 wxyz

    The number 1 might be encoded by the word "one." A 0 digit might be encoded by an added space.

    There is one word "I `m" in Jonas' note that is weird because it has an extra space in it, and the ` before the letter m is backwards.

    I was looking particularly for a way to find a number with area code 866 because both the red and blue rock pamphlet numbers (from an earlier puzzle) started with this area code.

    The four area codes for toll-free numbers in the U.S. are 800, 888, 877, 866.

  9. I don't think "calluses" is an error. There is a word "callouses" but that is a verb, not a plural noun.

    I think whoever wrote the Jonas email probably used this online source (editing slightly the American Heritage Dictionary definition of callous):


    cal·lous (kāl'əs)
    1. Having calluses; toughened: callous skin on the elbow.
    2. Emotionally hardened; unfeeling: a callous indifference to the suffering of others.

    Usage Note: Do not confuse the adjective callous, as in Years of dealing with criminals had left her callous, with the noun callus, as in I have a callus on my thumb. Also, do not confuse the verb callous, which means "to make or become callous," with the verb callus "to form or develop hardened tissue."

  10. it seems we should tell one of them to search the woodpile that jonas was making, but who should it be?

  11. Hmmmm...Jonas was locked in his room all morning? Then out chopping wood? Something tells me there is more to this then meets the eye.

  12. I REALLY hope this is going somewhere. Maybe in the next vlog Jonas will be gone and all we have is the email to decode (sent to Taylor as she is good at decoding?)

  13. My impression is that with Miles off in London working on Kate Modern, and Greg off at the conference in Banff, Canada, that Amanda is holding down the ship back in California... so maybe she just decided to have a little fun with the character interaction to keep us all entertained?

    It has to have been somewhat planned out because the email leads into Taylor's reaction video "Like a Virgin." Maybe we should be looking at the words she shows us in that video:




  14. Wow, Q, you really did your research! Yay for you! Good luck on cracking it... this is certainly NOT something I'm any good at, ha ha ha.

  15. This may rub people the wrong way but I couldn't help it being in the back of my mind after thinking about this situation for a while.

    Daniel and Jonas have not been getting along so well after getting Bree back. And Daniel wasn't so pleased "the morning after." Daniel was the only one who received a blind copy of the email. Daniel probably has the worst grammar of the bunch... and he was the one to bring up Jonas chopping so much wood in the forum, which seems interesting to me after reading the anagrams that stood out.

    Maybe it's just me but... it seems a little like Daniel may have had something to do with that email.

    Although I'm probably wrong and I'll feel terrible about it later when I learn more about the email.

  16. That's an interesting point. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's really no proof that Daniel actually received a BCC copy of the message. He never actually referenced the message content before it was posted.

    In other words, the only proof we have that Daniel was BCC'd a copy of the message is his word.

    Not sure what that means, but...

    (Is it possible that Daniel sent the message?)

  17. My thoughts are that: Bree and Jonas never had sex. I think ALL of them had a plan to make it seem like they did, so that Bree's "purity bond" would seem tarnished. Jonas leaves a sappy video saying "oh, boo hoo she ran away" and a fake "ohh NOOOOO, what ever will I do?", meanwhile, he actually helped her run away. Sarah makes a video with the repetitive words "sex is fun, sex is fun", .. this also seems somewhat like a coded message... a play on words about how the Hymn of One is NOT fun because they do not allow sex? Then Jonas writes an email to EVERYONE (but mostly taylor, since she's good at code) pretty much stating... this phase of our plan is done, we need to contact Bree. His message basically saying "Taylor, look under your elbows.. this is a coded message.).. CALLOUS... written large on Taylor's wall... = CALL US, Bree. Then Bree makes a fake video saying "oohhh find me Hymn of One... truthfully knowing, they no longer want her, but also disclosing her location to B,J, Sarah.

  18. "you incorrectly thinking that you can triangulate cell phone towers in the middle of the woods isn’t helping. i don’t appreciate wild goose chases."

    message to hymn of one, covering their butts, saying "uhh, we cant even find her, we are stuck and dont know what to do" (but they really do..)

  19. "search, woodpile, hunt, fun, tonite, have, you"

    Bree, search for the woodpile (so she can keep warm), have fun in the woods tonight...


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