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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


We wanted to find out how the character interaction in the Bree chat went over last night. So, what better way to find out than interview one of the people who talked to her. With that in mind, we tracked down Brooklynxman in IRC chat and talked to him.

mm: B-man?
B-man: mm?
mm: Bree talked to you?
B-man: In the chat, yeah, a little
B-man: not much
mm: on the record for LG15 TODAY...
mm: what did she say?
B-man: Well, to me in particular she asked if I was really from Brooklyn
B-man before I could answer someone else said I was from Texas
B-man I said I was from Brooklyn
mm: why do you think she asked that?
B-man she said she'd never been there
B-man Im not sure, its been in the back of my mind
mm: have you talked to her before in the LG15 character chat area?
B-man No
mm: Interesting, so she may just have picked you randomly
B-man She could have
mm: In general, what was your impression of Bree in the chat?
B-man: She typed SHADOW OF JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!! when he came in
B-man she was unstable, randomly remembering things
mm: Do you think she was giving clues or was she just random?
B-man I think it was just random, but with her you never know
mm: When she talked to you personally did you feel a connection?
B-man Yes
mm: You also talked to Maddy in IRC chat, right?
B-man but my computer disagreed with me
B-man: Yes I did
mm: Given that they are vastly different personalities, how would you compare the two in terms of interaction?
B-man: It was easier with Maddy, but that was probably because of IRC, and the fact that we didnt have...
B-man (may I curse)
03:04 modelmotion sure
B-man [email protected]@@@ trying to screw with the chat
mm: Ahhh yea, I understand
mm: So, other than the technical difficulties you would say that the quality of character interaction was very good?
B-man They both seemed to fit in character very well
mm OK, I think that should do it, is there anything else you would like to add about the Bree Chat
B-man Only that its too bad everyone froze up so we cant get a complete transcript
mm: Understood, lets hope that can be fixed before the next one.
B-man I would also like a chat with a character thats normal
B-man drunk Daniel
B-man drugged Bree
mm: Well when we talked to Maddy she was very much in normal character. The two recent LG15 chats appear to have had a special purpose.
mm: Thanks for talking to LG15 Today:)
B-man: np

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    1 comment:

    1. this is classic reporting! man on the street interviews!

      well, i was in there too, and even "interacted" a little bit with bree, but she didn't say anything coherent. it struck me as very similar to what i'd read about daniel's drunk intrusion into the chat. my bet is that by friday, bree is back to normal and saying "boy i am embarrassed."


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