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Friday, June 8, 2007

☺ Discovering Bree

Jonas, having found the shower empty with the water still on, runs downstairs...

Jonas (shouting): Daniel! Bree's missing, she's...

Daniel sits morosely at the kitchen table, alone, staring at his oatmeal as he jabs it with a spoon.

Daniel (looking up at Jonas, unhappy): Dude, I told you.

Jonas: Look Daniel, we can argue about this later! Right now, we have to find Bree... Daniel, dammit, get up!

Daniel (nods slowly, rolling his eyes): Chill out Jonas. Take a breath, and look out there.

Jonas, enraged, as if he is about to toss the kitchen table aside, looks to his left toward daylight, and stops.

Jonas: Oh man.

Jonas sits down across from Daniel, shocked by what he is seeing.

Daniel (shaking his head): I know, but there's nothing we can do. Believe me, I tried.

Jonas: Bree... and Sarah? What the hell?

Daniel: All I can tell you is, that "Hymn of Tongue" stuff, has taken Bree over. But this, this is your fault.

Jonas: What? My fault?

Daniel: You started Bree with the kissing, and Sarah asked Bree about it this morning, and they started laughing and kissing their hands, and well...

(Daniel gestures helplessly toward the porch and Jonas looks ill.)

Jonas: Daniel, you were right, I was wrong. The gentle approach is out. We have to go back to the yelling.

Daniel (perks up): Now you're talking! Let's go!

Jonas: You grab Bree, and I'll take Sarah back to the bus station...

Daniel: Okay, but I'm not using zip ties.

Jonas (nodding, remembering): Right. Just put on some Avril... Ever since she got back, she seems to love that stuff.

Daniel (confused, somewhat concerned): Avril?

Jonas: Just play the CD marked "Jonas Date Mix #3" for her, trust me...

Daniel (chuckling): I think I'll just go with the zip ties, after all. It's more humane.

And with that, all the tension between the bros dissipates, as they unite in their common mission...

Will the united screaming of Jonas and Daniel finally snap Bree out of her Hymn 'O Fun daze? Or will Bree and Sarah discover they don't need the boys afterall to keep them from feeling lonely?

Tune in for the next episode, Breenifans, of "As the Lonelygirl Turns."

~ QtheC


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