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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Drama on the Taylor forum

You're never going to believe what happened! Just when I thought the drama couldn't get any worse I received an email from Jonas. That's right, Jonas has been broadcasting his feelings via email. Oh, and not his feelings about Bree, but his feelings about Sarah's last video. Apparently it hit a nerve. The weird thing about it is that he cc'd Sarah. It wasn't very nice...what was he thinking?? I wouldn't want to be in that cabin right.

sparkybennett wrote:
I can see where Jonas could be intimidated by Sarah. Maybe he thinks you can help. I don't know... why else would he drag you into this??

From what Sarah told me Jonas is pretty mad. He's not speaking to her and locked himself in his room all morning (probably to send out the email). She's just trying to help... it's weird he's being so sensitive. I think she even said he was out back chopping wood or something. Maybe that's how he let's out his anger?

sparkybennett wrote:
well ...Jonas IS sensitive. He has been hurt alot.
But none of this is very productive.
How is Sarah handling all this? Does she say how Daniel is doing?
I bet you are pretty happy you aren't there , LOL !
Good job helping out with the phone signals by the way!

Thanks Sparky, I do what I can to help. It takes my mind off stuff at home. Anyway, Sarah felt bad for like one second until she read the email. Jonas was so rude...he has no right to talk about her like that.
As for Daniel, he seems ok but he hates being stuck in the middle of them. He's in a pretty tough position... yes! I'm happy I'm not there right now.

iampenguin wrote:
I think Jonas is hurting because every time he gets close to some one, they screw him over or disappear.
Alex, his parents...Bree is just the latest.
Though I think he might be feeling some guilt about making out with her (and probably a few other things...)
Though I hope he doesn't go mad with an axe o_O;;

I can appreciate what you're saying and I'd feel bad if someone I cared about ran out on me too. But why take it out on Sarah?

Danielle wrote:
Boys bearing their souls in an email is so unattractive.
If you are gonna emode, do it on the phone. Not awkward boy emails.

Exactly. I think it's nice that Jonas trusts me enough to share his feelings with me. But why say awful things about MY SISTER and also copy her on the email?? It's just so junior high of him. If he's upset with Sarah then he should walk downstairs and tell her himself.

FeministPsych wrote:
Taylor, any chance he cced Sarah on accident? My guess is probably not, but just giving him the benefit of the doubt. It's unfortunate, because he's just confirming what Sarah was saying about him being too emotional and not rational enough.

Hey guys, wut up? Just wanted to chime in on this subject for a sec. Jonas also bcc'd me. Ya he blind copied me. Not sure what for. I think it's sorta funny that he's sending out these crazy emails AND chopping A LOT of wood. It's like 90 degrees here but we're gonna have a bonfire tonight!! Anyway, I guess that's how Jonas is dealin with things...

Hi Daniel! Nice to see you here . Please protect Sarah from Jonas and his axe.

FeministPsych wrote:
Thanks for the info, Daniel. Good to see you. I guess you guys should just go with it and let Jonas de-stress how he needs to. My guess is he's chopping the wood very angrily? Probably scary ... don't get too close! (Not that he would physically hurt you guys on purpose, just stay out of the way.)

Any more news on the search for Bree?

From what I've heard there are no new leads. I wish I could help. But Jonas wasn't too happy about me the last time I helped so maybe I should just back off for awhile.

He's upset that my lead went nowhere and they spent the whole day in the woods without any success. *Deep Breath* I understand his frustration... I just wish he was a bit nicer about it. Ok I'm thinking about posting the email. Ahhh he'll kill me.

Here's the email. Since Sarah and Daniel have both seen it, it's only fair you do too.

i'm sure you've seen sarah's latest v-blog. just between you and I, what's your sister's problem? i mean, there was no other point of doing that other than to hurt me. right? this whole thing with bree sucks. and sarah seems to be getting some freaky pleasure out of making fun of me right now. i'm pissed! who the hell wouldn't be? the way sarah slams me and what I'm going through is totally callous. oh, sorry, let me define "callous" for anyone who might be reading this (like sarah) who's command of the english language seems to be limited to "do you wanna?". "callous" can mean two different things - both are pretty good synonyms for "sarah".
1. having calluses; toughened: like callous skin on the elbow.
(check you elbows, taylor, it may run in the family)
2. emotionally hardened; unfeeling
(again, be careful, taylor, it may be genetic)

and what's up with her telling everyone bree was my first time? what's your sister's problem? i think sarah's nutz. i think she has some serious mental health issues that she's never dealt with and this is how she cops her bad feelings about herselfff.

i would really appreciate it if from now one would you use please a little sensinavity when sharing information about me, daniel, bree and even your sister. it seems like your sister won't ever know any better, so I 'm sending this to you, hoping you'll learn from her mistake. none of us should even have to deal with this crap. we should all be concentrating on finding Bree and dealing with the order. you incorrectly thinking that you can triangulate cell phone towers in the middle of the woods isn’t helping. i don’t appreciate wild goose chases.

oh, pne last thing: DO NOT POST THIS! this is for your eyes only. i don't want to make this any bigger than it already is.



(a few people posted saying that Jonas would be mad and that Taylor did the wrong thing)

But YOU all told me to do it!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh

You know what? I'm glad I posted it. Now you can all see what I'm talking about. He has no right saying those things.

Danielle wrote:
The beautiful thing about being a teen is doing not what you are told.
Its okay, in the word's of the most awesome song ever... live and let die.

What song is that? An oldie but goodie?

Congrats Taylor!! I never thought you'd have the guts to do something like this. I like this new side of you.

Dejajeva wrote:
I think you guys are being pretty damned insensitive to Jonas right now.
He obviously needed to vent his anger on someone, it happened to be you, and what do you do in return? Post private messages on the forum that he sent you and specifically asked you to keep private.
Pretty untrustworthy, if you ask me.
Which, nobody did.

What you don't know is this: he cc'd me and bcc'd Daniel. He SENT it to ALL OF US.

DANIEL (referring to Taylor posting Jonas's email):
oh no you didn't

nah don't be worried taylor. jonas said some harsh things about you & your sister. he'll understand... i think.

callxmexnevxx wrote:
Personally, I like Sarah a lot more after the new video. Taylor, I think you were the one that stooped to an all-time low by posting that note. Maybe if you actually paid attention to the video, you'd understand that Sarah's going through some tought times after your parents' divorce. To her, they were probably a good example of how love can make you sick. So she decided to cut all ties and stay just out of reach of anyone, really. She may sleep with a lot of people and be loose, but she's not actually having fun and she's not really happy about it. She just can't trust anybody after your parents split. It was a really emotional experience for her, I'm sure.

And you don't think I'm hurting? I'm here all alone with my parents. My dad's dating again and my mom is totally freaked out. You don't think I could've used my big sister here for some support? Believe me, I know she's hurting and that's why I came on here to defend her.

callxmexnevxx wrote:
Taylor, sweetie, I know you're still hurting. But you've got to take the steps you need to to help heal your wounds. Maybe you and Sarah need to have some serious one on one time- without the cameras. You both need to talk over the issues you're facing together. For all you know, she may have some insight or advice you could use. Or vice versa, even.

I agree, thanks. Maybe when they climb down from that mountain (how long are they are going to stay in that cabin??) Sarah and I can have a serious talk.

*HUG* Taylor, I definitely understand that you have to be hurting as much as your sister is. It has to be really tough to be there without Sarah, Jonas, or Daniel, and now on top of it you get this nasty e-mail. We feel for you. Thanks for being on here so we can help you talk it out.

Thanks! I needed that.

Danielle wrote:
When is it time for your song?

uhhhh *speechless*

DANIEL (quotes from Rekidk):
Daniel... You need to confront Jonas about this.

not while he's out there chopping wood

And everyone... You all need to make-up and find Bree. Pronto.


callxmexnevxx wrote:
Tay, get you mountain bike and get a move on! go make sure he doesn't chop you sister up into a million pieces. They are out in the middle of nowhere, after all.

I wish I could! Wait, that's a LONG bike ride from here. I like to exercise but I'm not sure I'm up for that much. Anyway, I'm making a video right now. We'll see what I do after that.

The new video was "Like a Virgin", which was posted later that night.


  1. Thanks kelly. Thats how the necro SHOULD look. Wonderful presentation!!!!! Its easy to read and follow..... just brilliant!!!!!!!

  2. Is it weird that there are a lot of typos in a "private" e-mail that he made sure everyone saw?


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