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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

EmoSarah says.....

Taylor start the ball rolling with this:
Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 7:54 pm

You're never going to believe what happened! Just when I thought the drama couldn't get any worse I received an email from Jonas. That's right, Jonas has been broadcasting his feelings via email. Oh, and not his feelings about Bree, but his feelings about Sarah's last video. Apparently it hit a nerve. The weird thing about it is that he cc'd Sarah. It wasn't very nice...what was he thinking?? I wouldn't want to be in that cabin right.

then Taylor says.......
Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 9:25 pm

Here's the email. Since Sarah and Daniel have both seen it, it's only fair you do too.

i'm sure you've seen sarah's latest v-blog. just between you and I, what's your sister's problem? i mean, there was no other point of doing that other than to hurt me. right? this whole thing with bree sucks. and sarah seems to be getting some freaky pleasure out of making fun of me right now. i'm pissed! who the hell wouldn't be? the way sarah slams me and what I'm going through is totally callous. oh, sorry, let me define "callous" for anyone who might be reading this (like sarah) who's command of the english language seems to be limited to "do you wanna?". "callous" can mean two different things - both are pretty good synonyms for "sarah".
1. having calluses; toughened: like callous skin on the elbow.
(check you elbows, taylor, it may run in the family)
2. emotionally hardened; unfeeling
(again, be careful, taylor, it may be genetic)

and what's up with her telling everyone bree was my first time? what's your sister's problem? i think sarah's nutz. i think she has some serious mental health issues that she's never dealt with and this is how she cops her bad feelings about herselfff.

i would really appreciate it if from now one would you use please a little sensinavity when sharing information about me, daniel, bree and even your sister. it seems like your sister won't ever know any better, so I 'm sending this to you, hoping you'll learn from her mistake. none of us should even have to deal with this crap. we should all be concentrating on finding Bree and dealing with the order. you incorrectly thinking that you can triangulate cell phone towers in the middle of the woods isn’t helping. i don’t appreciate wild goose chases.

oh, pne last thing: DO NOT POST THIS! this is for your eyes only. i don't want to make this any bigger than it already is.


and then.....

marlasinger wrote:
O-Town rules, mindinflight. And by that I mean it's great to visit, which I'm doing in a couple weeks. Also, invading people's privacy? For the sake of posting it on the internet and letting everyone see!? That's what roommates are ALL about.

EmoSarah replied:

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 8:52 pm

Exactly! What would a reasonable person in the same circumstances do? They would have filmed it!!! Without my camera work no one here would even know about their make out session. I think I did a public service filming it.

As for Jonas, he's pissssssed. Nice email dude. I know he's dealing with a lot -- it was his first time and Bree left without even saying goodbye... but this email thing is pretty childish.


Lurker wrote:

You know for sure that it was his first time? That would be a surprise (and would suck for him very much).

What did his e-mail say, by the way?

and emoSarah replied:

Yes I do. Girls talk and so do boys. These kids are a tight group and no one can keep a secret for long.

Not sure if I should post the darn thing. I don't want to get into anymore trouble than I already am. Maybe I can be convinced...

........and if that was not enough Daniel decides to top it off with:

Hey guys, wut up? Just wanted to chime in on this subject for a sec. Jonas also bcc'd me. Ya he blind copied me. Not sure what for. I think it's sorta funny that he's sending out these crazy emails AND chopping A LOT of wood. It's like 90 degrees here but we're gonna have a bonfire tonight!! Anyway, I guess that's how Jonas is dealin with things...


  1. Just an FYI, Taylor posted the email in this thread. (DB dropped by for a sec in that thread too)


    Jonas is acting like a spoiled child. Lashing out at EVERYONE.

  2. So are we supposed to infer that Jonas is semi-illiterate from his terrible spelling in the email, or is that just meant to show how upset he is?

    who's -> whose
    nutz -> nuts
    cops -> copes with
    herselfff -> herself
    from now one -> from now on
    sensinavity -> sensitivity
    pne last thing -> one last thing

    nevermind the casual grammar.

    and the emphasis on callous? and callus? (call us?)

    It's all a bit weird, and makes me wonder again whether something else is hidden here.

  3. i noticed that, too, q. could he be drunk? i also noticed that his spelling and grammar seemed to be getting worse as time went on. the last paragraph practically looked like it was written by a different person from the first.

    i was also kind of alarmed to hear that he was gonna be playing with fire tonight... am i the only one who wonders if he's thinking rationally enough for that to be a good idea? or if maybe he's up to something crazy...?

    not that there's anything we can do about it anyway.


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