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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Help for Daniel

Hey Daniel,

Hope this helps

Every ribozyme has a specific sequence which is complementary to the RNA it cleaves. Its like a puzzle piece, it has a specific edge so that only 1 other puzzle piece fits in that space. Once the pieces join, the ribozyme cuts the other piece in half then looks for another piece that fits. The key to lowering Bree’s ribozyme levels is to look for puzzle pieces that fit but cannot be broken down.

One way is to make RNA molecules which bind but don’t allow the ribozymes to cleave them. It’s like adding puzzle pieces which can fit but have glue on their edges. Her ribozymes will bind but will not be able to break them down.

You could use siRNA. siRNA are short pieces of RNA which join with a protein complex called RISC. If siRNA finds RNA which is complementary to it, it binds and then the RISC complex breaks down the bound RNA. Since ribozymes are RNA, you could make siRNA specific for Bree’s ribozyme and they would bind and break down her ribozymes which would lower her levels.

The problem is that you cannot design these without

1. having access to some serious scientific equipment

2. knowing the binding sequence of Bree’s ribozyme

I tried to look up human hairpin ribozymes that have been characterised but had very little luck. It is possible that the ribozyme that Bree is overexpressing has not even been published yet.

You said her Dad was giving her something to lower her ribozyme levels, maybe he already designed one of the molecules above? When scientists design siRNA all they have to do is work out the sequence they need before asking a company to make it for them. Is there any RNA sequences in Bree’s dad’s lab book? Or maybe an order to a company which generates RNA molecules? If you could find the sequence then you could potentially send an order to a company and get more.


  1. Meepers_anonymous,
    You're like Einstein only smarter. You also have better hair.

  2. Great job meepers_anonymous! (but I like Einstein's hair)

  3. Nice research. How would we prevent the Order reversing the treatment if they take Bree back?????

  4. Thanks for posting this. Sadly, despite Daniel's good intentions, they're going to need some serious outside aid to make Bree trait negative.


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