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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is there a hidden code in Spencers vlog?

It has been noted that when Spencer lists his points it spells out B3D. Is this the compound the scoobies are looking for?

fuzzbucket (send note) Says:
June 30th, 2007 at 9:30 am

Compound B3D = C5 H9 N1 O4

aka - 3-aminopentanedioic acid

It is part of ligand chemistry - the energy source for it is unknown.

RNA- Ligand Chemistry are linked

It is a way of testing genetics/experimenting with triplet codon/amino acids.

it is L-peptide linked

Is Spencer being more helpful than first thought?

NOTE: Zoey pointed out that Jonas first used the word "compound" in the video My Mom's a Freak

"Jonas: So, Spencer, if you're listening, look, just send us your contact info. All we want to talk to you about is the compound your father was working on to help save our friend Bree. If you don't help us, Spencer, then... we got nowhere else to turn, man.}

Commercially available 3-aminopentanedioic acid, aka β-Glutamic acid

QuickClick (send note) Says:

July 1st, 2007 at 9:23 am

Okay so I spoke out my geniousness yesterday without having watched the vid (it wouldn’t load up for me) and bestowed my knowledge on 1B3D which was thought to be a code from Spence and written out like “1B3D”. Upon viewing the vid I see that he is actually referencing in code the compound B3D (3-amino-pentendioc acid) more commonly known as β-glutamic acid. Familiar?

Long story short : α amino acids are the naturally occuring amino acids, the building blocks, that make-up proteins…in these naturally occuring amino acids, the amino group and carboxylic group (all amino acids are set up the same way allowing them to link up and form peptide bonds…yadda yadda…the only difference is the side chain - this is what gives them their identity and functionality) are both bonded to the same carbon atom
β amino acids are not natural (only one as far as I know - β alanine) and structurally speaking, the difference is the addition of a methylene group (there’s an extra CH2 that the amine group bonds to - the carboxyl and amino group are no longer bonded to the same carbon)
There are thoughts that β amino acids could have pharmaceutical benefits due to the fact that they would not degrade as fast in the body or be attacked by protein targeted enzymes.


  1. According to Wikipedia 2-aminopentanedioic acid is glutamic acid (an amino acid).


  2. But 3-aminopenanedioic acid is not. It's not clear to me what the connection between b3d and RNA is, if any.

  3. steve, as usual, the connection fell into a plot hole.

  4. those evil plot hole....bring on meepers....she will hook up up with an explanation.

  5. its actually 1B3D

  6. Steve: http://www.ihop-net.org/UniPub/iHOP/bng/92198.html


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