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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

londonfiles_002 - impulselg

a hint came in

Some of you may have suspected that their are clues burried in these videos. We asked impulse and here is what they had to say:

"I used some reverse audio and morse code in both videos. My goal is not to start
a new ARG, so I kept the clues rather simple. These clues are just additional
information related to the main story line in the videos. I used them as extra
narrative elements. They are three narrative layers (not including the music):
the images, the texts, the clues. They all give separate elements of the same
story. Also, I wanted to give an Opa feel to the transmissions the character
gets from….who knows?
To figure out what it says, you just need to reverse the audio. The voice is
computer generated though… so listen carefully. It wasn’t necessarily made to
be understood by everyone, but it helps to get all the elements of the story.
For instance, if you don’t get the audio in the first video, you might not
understand right away that the character had a meeting with a local contact. The
audio gives indication about the time and place. In the second video, we learn
the contact was lost but a hint comes in from …who knows? and the story can
move forward. Hence the maps… (maps? what maps?) ;-)"
So, de-coders, its time to get busy!!!!

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