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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Physics, Elendi & Skunk Style

Lonelistic Physics: Why there are no plot holes.

After discussing the issue of plot holes with my Colleague , Dr. Skunk Waffle, we have come to the conclusion that there are no plot holes in the series, below is an explanation of the physics behind this assertion.

In order for a story to collapse into a plot hole, it must have a crap mass over the Elendi-Waffle Limit (10^18 craps per second of footage). More importantly, however, it must have a plot. While the Lonelygirl15 story is far above the Elendi-Waffle Limit (it has been measured to be about 10^500 c/sF), it doesn't satify the second requirement; there is no plot.

Another telling sign is that the story has not yet reached the event horizon, a key indicator of the existence of a plot hole. This can be easily explained: there has not yet been an event horizon, because there are no events happening. While we were nearing this point earlier in the series, the plot swiftly disappeared and events stopped happing and thus the almost-inevitable collapse into a plot hole has not yet happened.

I knew KennyE was a nerd, but I didn't know he was a funny nerd. ;)

--->Enjoy the rest of the thread here.


  1. OMG....i laughed so hard. But, its sooooo true. And there is a lot more enlightening comments on the rest of the thread.

  2. Sorry, I didn't know how to post the rest of it. <3

  3. Yea, I added the link, but thanks for a great post. I am still laughing:)

  4. If every necro thread were like this, I might be convinced to convert. As it is... <3 Kenny and Skunk.

  5. Cold as ice. I like it. Analytical, hit the Nutragena guy where it hruts him, science.

  6. This analysis, while seemingly sound as far as it goes, overlooks the possibility that there is no plot because everything observed so far has been within the confines of one single giant plot hole.

    Perhaps the missing answers have fallen OUT of the single giant plothole the story is in, and are thus resident, waiting, in an as yet unobserved plot nearby.

  7. p.s. I like this style of story for the blog for longer items ... an intro or synopsis with a link to the rest for those interested.

  8. wow, people have really taken my idea and run with it!

  9. qthec no thats not it,the whole story line is inside 436...


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