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Friday, June 8, 2007

Self Replicating Ribozymes???

OK, this does enter the area of Sci-Fi, but it makes some interesting connections:

anticliche Says:

June 8th, 2007 at 7:37 pm


Bree is a rare individual who is ‘trait positive’, which in my mind basically means she has trace amounts of self replicating rybozymes in her natural cell order. The easiest way to harvest cells is via blood. She takes wepogin to increase her blood count (lots of it) and the other 2 drugs to cancel out the side effects. The order then takes a crap load of blood, and uses the rybozymes to culture more self replicating rybozymes. They then gene treat the rybozymes to target damaged DNA fragments

Ok, ok ok guys! I just Blogged it the hell up, and I’ve come to a REAL conclusion! it’s epic, and it makes sense. Oh yea, and it has noting to do with plot, just medicine. And a little plot. Anyways, I’m sure my medical ideas will be torn asunder ina few moments, but hey, here goes:

Alright, we’ve been over the effects of Modafinil and Dextroamphetamines. I have found that they both treat the major side effects of Epogin, in which the ceremony girls have received mas amounts of. It would make sense that they’d try to cancel out such serious side effects, and Modafinil and dextroamphetyamiens make (as far as I can find) medical sense to employ. We know that Epogin is a major blood cell enhancer. It ups our blood cell count, and THAT is the only reason she was taking it. I’m almost positive.

Now, we know that the reason they’re interested in Bree is something about rybozymes. well, I have to submit that a ‘trait positive’ person has trace amounts of self replicating rybozymes in their natural cells. Blood is the easiest way to harvest cells, and thus, they made alot more of them. They ‘re trying to harvest self replicating rybozymes from her blood system. So far, not too far fetched, eh? I mean, even her diet while she was preparing for the ceremony was high protein and low sugar, which is great for making more blood. It makes sense. They’ll probably culture the rybozymes, so they have a massive number of self replicating rybozymes to use.

Now, I’d like to point out that rybozymes are used for cutting RNA strands, which is were DNA degradation takes place. DNA degradation is one of the 4 parts of aging. It’s feasible to believe that with the backing of a major medical company (the infinity sign one? The one that provides the order with free epogin?) they could gene tech a rybozyme to cut the damaged RNA. Now I’d also like to point out a little clue they left us on their compatibility questionare they had for new members, “Do you think aging is a treatable disease?”. That fits in quite well, doesn’t it?

That is my basic idea folks, there’s alot more to it, but I don’t want to type it out. I’d rather have people ask questions (if they even care). And I’d really like to get out ACTUAL scientists on it, eh?

THAT’S my original post. I’m nto gonna edit it again, so It’s gonna take up alot of room. SEE MY TESTIMENT TO MY FAILURE!"
What do you think? Anything to this? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


  1. Wow... that could also explain the HoO symbol looking like a fermata, as a fermata means "Stretch this note out as long as you like". So, the Order has this "ceremony" that actually serves the purpose of harvesting blood so they can, in essence, discover the fountain of youth!
    I think someone pointed this out before, but it just clicked in my brain now, ha ha ha.
    Kelly ~/`~

  2. I think anyone who hasn't figured out that they're looking for immortality by now should get their head examined.


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