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Friday, June 29, 2007

Tachyon est morte. Vive Erica. - Victor, O.o.D.

This morning Papess Erica the First of the Order of Denderah and the surviving members of her staff arrived in New York City two days after an attempt on her life in Paris. Protection for Her Holiness is being provided by an elite unit of the K.T./O.o.T. and the New York City Police Department’s Diplomatic Protection Unit. Her Holiness will be temporarily housed at the New York Headquarters of the K.T./O.o.T. for security reasons.

Shortly after Her Holiness’ arrival, a trial by an Ecumenical Court of the O.o.D. found a female who is known by the Nom de Guerre of Tachyon guilty of murder, attempted murder, battery, assault, terrorism, and various heresies. The Defendant was not present for the trial, the trial of Tachyon was held “In absentia”. The sentence under Canon Law was death.

Following the verdict, the K.T./O.o.T. carried out the sentence of death after locating the defendant. Tachyon died this evening.

The K.T./O.o.T. also regrets to announce that some collateral damage occurred during the execution of Tachyon’s sentence.

Victor, O.o.D.
Grand Master of the Order of the Temple
June 28, 2007


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