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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 D,J&S went hiking....sort of...

Jonas: It’s been, uh, over three days since I last saw Bree. I’m not gonna t-- the way she left, I’m... uh, I’m not gonna talk about that right now. (Cut to a shot of Jonas and Sarah walking through the woods, searching for Bree. Daniel holds the camera, and Jonas narrates over the footage.) So we spent most of Friday and Saturday following a power bar wrapper trail that Daniel was convinced Bree left.

The thought of a half brain washed Bree, pumped up on Power bars and wandering through the forest is slightly disturbing....

Sarah: Hey, what is that?
Jonas: What?Daniel: What?
Sarah: Right up there.
Jonas: Bree!
Daniel: What is it, do you see anything?
Sarah: What is it?
Daniel: What'd you see?
Sarah: What is it?
Jonas: Nothing. It's nothing, prob-- probably a squirrel or something. Let's keep going.
Sarah: Those things are ferocious.

Maybe it was Herman? (I dont trust squirrels - I think they are part of the Order)

(Cut to a shot of a tree stump, then of the rest of the woods. Sarah now holds the camera.)
Jonas: You know, would you please tell him that we were in the same spot like three hours ago?
Daniel: Dude.
Sarah: This is what I see. (She pans over the trees with the camera.) Trees plus sticks equals trees and sticks.
Daniel: I'm telling you right now we were not in this spot before. This is new. All of this? New.
Jonas: You know what? We're wasting time.. That's what I'm talking about.
Daniel: You know what? Calm down.
Sarah: Okay, um, you know what, I need to sit down for a minute.
Jonas: Look, you can't sit down. Come on.
Daniel: You okay?
Sarah: No, but no you don't understand, I'm really, like, I just really need to sit down. (She sits down, hands the camera to Daniel, and takes off her shoe.) I think I have a blister.
Daniel: (scoffs) Of course you have a blister, you're not wearing socks.
Sarah: Do I look like the kind of girl who wears socks? (Cut back to Sarah and Jonas walking.) My foot hurts.

Bad girls don't do socks!

Daniel: Do you want to head back?
Sarah: Ummm...
Jonas: What? Are you ki-- (He walks off.)
Sarah: Where are you going?
Jonas: I'm going to go keep looking for our friend, Bree.
Daniel: Dude, just hang out for a minute! Come on!
Jonas: No, why don't you just go back to the cabin, you can cuddle, you can play with her blister, do whatever the hell you want, I don't really care. You suck!
Daniel: You're not the only one who cares, dude!
Jonas: (as he walks away) Shut up. (Cut back to Jonas in the cabin) Okay, so maybe I overreacted, a little bit. But Daniel thinks he's got this great sense of direction, which he doesn't. I mean, he literally took us around in circles, to the same ridge, three or four times. And I am sorry that Sarah got a blister, I am. But seriously, I mean they were treating our, our search for Bree like it was some day hike, instead of actually looking for her. I mean, she could be out there somewhere. She could just be totally lost, and just out there... (He sighs. The camera cuts to a shot of the woods. Jonas is now alone, holding the camera and narrating.) After we parted ways, I searched and searched, didn't come up with anything, but I came back to the cabin, and it turned out that I got a message from Taylor, and she somehow triangulated the cell phone towers in the area that, uh, we're searching. No clue how she does this stuff, I mean this girl should be working for some spy agency or something. She's amazing. And more amazing is that she picked up a single call that went out early Saturday from a tower that is way inside these woods. So I grabbed a camera, and I headed out. (Jonas stops at a break in the trees and yells into the mountains.) Breeeeeee!!! (Cut to a shot of the sun setting behind a lake and some large trees. On a dock by the water, some people can be seen. Music begins playing in the background.) I, uh, I found this lake, and I went down to the, the edge of it, and for some reason everything just collapsed in my mind, I mean, Bree, my parents, all this stuff with Alex. I'm out there, uh, losing it, and Daniel and Sarah are, well, take a look for yourself, I grabbed his camera and here's the footage.
Daniel: (filming Sarah from behind) Nice view.
Sarah: I'm lost, Mr. Park Ranger.
Daniel: You're twisted!
Sarah: And you like it. (walking toward Daniel) Where you goin', Mr. Park Ranger? (Cut to a shot of Daniel. Sarah now holds the camera.) Mr. Park Ranger is being very naughty.
Daniel: Come on, give it to me.
Sarah: Naughty naughty boy.
Daniel: (He laughs) You know, Mr. Park Ranger needs to go look for Bree, so... (He takes the camera back from her.)
Jonas: Once again, real helpful, just like with the deprogramming. (Cut back to Jonas in the cabin.) Bottom line is, we still have no idea where she is. I'm crazy, right, because I still care, after everything? I just want to talk to her. You know, I don't care what Daniel and Sarah say. I just want her to look me in the eye and tell me that that wasn't real.

Does Bree have a cell phone on her? If not who made the call? How come Taylors so good at finding this stuff out?

Stay tuned...


  1. Come on Daniel, just hit him....we all know want to....just do it dude...get it out of ur system.......but catch him by surprise cuz everyone seems to think Jonas will beat the crap out of you.

  2. I would LOVE to see Jonas get socked right in his pretty mouth!

    Thanks, as always, for the transcript. Without these, I don't know what I would do while I am at work! LOL

  3. I noticed that "Mr. Park Ranger" was only uploaded on the acrowleyorder youtube account and not any of the other lonelygirl accounts. Is this the creators way of letting us know that Gemma is alive and acrowleyorder is canon?

    See it here:

  4. I think acrowley got the video off revver. I have doubts it is canon


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