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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today on LG15

*Today on LG15 Jonas left to stay with Taylor? Why? Oh who knows WHERE this script is going anymore?!*

Jonas: I realize there isn't much we can do right now about finding Bree. The lynchpin is this Spencer Gilman guy, but thanks to our fans we did find his MySpace page over the weekend.
(Cuts to shots of Spencer's MySpace.)
Jonas: Unfortunately, there's not much on it. However, he is 22; he lives in LA; and works as a scientist for Neutrogena. Daniel, Sarah, and I, we e-mailed him like non-stop over the weekend. No luck. I friended him though, so he didn't think I was a complete psycho.

*I'm sure compared to the 100 odd messages he got over the weekend you seemed relatively sane Jonas...*

(Cuts back to Jonas in the car.)
Jonas: Until he contacts us, our hands are really tied. This might sound selfish...
(Cuts to Daniel and Sarah goofing around on a sofa.)
Jonas: ...but I just can't be around their closeness right now.
(Cuts back to Jonas in the car.)
Jonas: I just.. I just can't. So I've decided to take a trip to Zavalla, Texas by myself. I'm gonna stay with Taylor. She's out of school now, so it's perfect. And I know what you're thinking, right: 1500 Miles. Yeah. But I really think I could use that drive time to just...think. And it's, it's great... I mean it's going to be great because Taylor and I can just focus all of our energies on this Spencer Gilman guy. I'm starting to realize how crucial his father is in all of this. I mean, they killed Bree's dad just to stop him from giving her the compound. I am just praying that the secret on how to make this compound still lives with the son, Spencer. If not, then this could be the end of the line. I am not giving up on this guy any time soon. My greatest fear is that... my last goodbye to Bree is going to be... in a vlog. I'm not gonna let that happen.

*It's very odd Jonas is leaving when they are so close to meeting Spencer...*

Stay tuned..

1 comment:

  1. "Oh who knows WHERE this script is going anymore?!"

    Best line ever.


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