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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Today on LG15

*Today on LG15 GF fell in love with Spencer...er I mean ...today on LG15 we met Spencer!*

Spencer: Is this thing on yet? Uh...okay...
(Spencer taps the camera lens.)
Spencer: Anyone in there? (Laughs)
(Back to adjusting the camera)
Spencer: ready?...no.

*Ah Spencer makes videos just as well as I do - hence why you'll never see my work on the fan vids..*

Spencer: What up, Blogosphere? My name is Spencer Gilman, and I'm resp...
(Camera swings down to the floor. Spencer readjusts it...badly.)
Spencer: That's better. What up, Blogosphere? My name is Spencer Gilman, and I'm responding to Jonas. (Notices how badly the camera is centered) Gah!
(Spencer goes back to adjusting the camera.)
Spencer: (Holding his hands out and slowly backing away, as if expecting the camera to falter again at any time.) ...fix this thing. Okay... (Sitting back down) First of all, thank you for flooding my account with hundreds of emails. This sparked the attention of the I.T. department at Neutrogena, who said those emails blocked up our server. Last night, upper level management fired me. (Significant pause) Just kidding. (Laughs, regains his composure, then points at himself) Dry wit. Um...so, B) Yes, I saw the video with you and my dad's "friend." (Sarcastically) Go, Dad. Just kidding. (sighs)

*Obviously Spencer is not thrilled to find out his father was mixed up with another woman*

Spencer: Three: uh, I'm sympathetic to your need to find this Bree girl, but honestly, I can't help you. I don't know who her dad is, and my father never discussed his work with me. And, although I'm a scientist like him, I have no idea what compound you guys are talking about. So, D) last but not least: Everyone. Stop. Trying. To. Contact. Me. I've spent the last several months of my life mourning over the loss of my father. All these questions you guys are asking bring up some sad memories of him. (Shrugs) I don't wanna reenact them. In the slim chance that I stumble upon anything relating to Bree, I'll contact you. I promise. But, in the meantime, just...leave me alone. I'm sorry, but...that's the way it is.

*Will Spencer get in contact again? Will the gang track him down to his workplace?*

Stay tuned...


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