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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well, Jessica Rose's Skin Is Awfully Clear

"But what I recall was a winsome-enough story about a girl with a couple of weird parents who may or may not have been Satanists and a guy friend who had a crush on her."


Reader comments:
Posted by Miles Beckett - Founder/Co-Creator lonelygirl15
June 23, 2007
You can catch up on all the episodes on LG15.com. Since the very first video appeared on YouTube, we planned an elaborate story along the lines of Lost or Alias. We've gradually been teasing it out over the past year. The show currently has five main characters and has expanded beyond the walls of Bree's room.
Now, lonelygirl15 is an interactive serial drama told in 4-5 short video installments each week. Fans can talk to the characters, participate in solving mysteries that emerge from the plot, and even appear in videos that we shoot during live events. Right now I'm in London working on a "spin-off" called KateModern. It will appear on Bebo in the next few months.

1 comment:

  1. Miles wrote:
    "4-5 short video installments each week"

    Short, yes.

    4-5 a week, you better catch up the week is almost over.


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