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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Holy SH%T!!! - WHERE DID IT GO????

An LG15 video appeared a short time ago...and then disappeared after a few people has a chance to view it on this site.

The video never appeared on LG15.com.

QtheC has reported that there is now a replacement video being processed....we will bring it to you asap...........STAY TUNED!!!!!!

EDIT: Meanwhile, enjoy a small, shall we say, taste of what the video contained (courtesy of the copy in my browser's cache)... ~QtheC :

Do YOU see any difference between the original video and the replacement? If so leave a comment below and let us all know!


  1. Greg can't wait for the new video. (5iveSe7en)

  2. Nice work on the screen capture Q.

  3. There is a comment on the video article above that says Sarah's voice audio appears to have been added to the newer version, but otherwise, they are identical.

  4. Yeah I watched the first version a bunch of times before i caught that she was saying "naughty" In this one its nice and audible.

    Someone in the forum mentioned that there was an extra second of kissing, but I can't really tell.


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