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Friday, July 6, 2007

7-7-07 Get Your Shoutout

Brooklynxman is going to 7-7-07 and has a proposal for you: Get a shoutout.

The rules are simple. It starts at 11 on Saturday. I need ur request before I leave. So prolly I'll say by 8 or 9AM EST Saturday. You can list 3 youtubers, I will try to get one. If you list an actor from the lg cast I will assume all of them are on the list, I will take the list in the order u give it (as in u get 1 shout out, but get to ask for 3 so that the chances are higher u'll get them).

Leave me in a comment here, pm me, whatever u want.

Oh, and if u comment as anonymous, tell me who u are, cause anonymous as a shout out, especially if its more then one, come on....

Note: B-man will produce a youtube video with the shout outs he records at 777, so this should be really really really fun!!!

Note: as with all live events be careful!!!!

Note: uchoobers who we think will be at 777: caitlin, brookers, nolts

  • Talk about 7-7-07 Meetup in the OutOf Game IRC CHAT

  • Information on the 777 Meetup


    NYC 777 Gathering
    Washington Square Park
    (Under the Arch)
    Saturday 07/07/2007
    11 AM - 8 PM
    Call For Information
    1-866-YT MEETS

    Map for Event


    1. I am going to do some research to find out who will be there before posting my list......but i luv the idea B-man.

      Also, if anyone from LG15 reads this perhaps you could tell us if any cast members plan on attending.

    2. 1)Spricket24
      3)Spencer Gilman (Maxwell Glick)


    3. I want a shout out I don't care from who...just...i want some love.

      perferable from a lger, but I'll deal with anyone

    4. 1.) the LG cast
      and thats all i can think of

    5. Ok I am gonna go with:

      1) any LG15 cast member
      2) theHill88
      3) anyone else that you can find thats cool:)

    6. 1) killthesmiley :-D
      2) the lg15 cast and crew
      3) rackyl

      ~megs229 ( lg15)
      megmegs229 (on youtube)

      p.s. I would love to get a shout out from someone :-D ;)

    7. kellylen kellylen kellylen!

    8. avajoy avajoy avajoy! ;)


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