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Saturday, July 21, 2007

MA2 London drop fails again:(

amblyopianne: i guess F
amblyopianne: what about underneath the table top
amblyopianne: did you slide your hand there

For a second time an attempt to pick up a Maddison Atkins Ch2 drop at Rays jazz shop in London failed.

Zeke entered the cafe shortly after it opened.

Looby: OK, so we're communicating via text cos I think if we were on the phone it might draw a lot of attention to Zeke.

Zeke: "Nothing yet i've tried most of the tables there are some pot plants".

Looby: Zeke is in the cafe, looking under the table tops.

Zeke: "I asked them but they were a bit confused and now more ppl are here but they are cool with me looking around".

Zeke:"No it's still a bit busy i've checked the far table where the guy was and nothing and under the plants"

Looby:The staff let him look behind the bar - nothing. He's looking around for posters etc saying 'Mr Zipp'

Zeke: "Look sorry but I have to go to work now"

A full log is available here .

amblyopianne: less traffic underneath drawers

Which is a good idea. It might be under a drawer of a table in the rear.


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