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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Welcome to the Hymn? - GemmaReturns

Look what I managed to get my hands on.
I know the last names are blurred out - I'm sorry. It's the way I got it.

Just a Chat - GemmaReturns
A little update for you all. I hope it helps.


Welcome to the Hymn of One! By joining us, you have started down the path to a new you.
As we like to say,
“There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life.”
- Mary Rose McGeady

Setting others on the road to edification is what our joy is, and we are happy to have you a part of our growing, exciting community. We're certain this will make you happy, too. Please understand that by joining the Hymn of One, you have altered your life dramatically. You will become greater than who you were and than most others in the world, those who have not been touched by the enlightening ways the Hymn of One has to offer. Also understand that by becoming a part of the Hymn, you will be subjected to new and perhaps odd things that will not be immediately clear to you. Don't despair, however. After a short time spent with us, you will learn about all these things and soon their meanings will no longer be challenging. This letter will serve as a greeting, as in-depth information will be given at the seminar you were e-mailed about. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please email us at [email protected] immediately. We may be able to reschedule a private hearing for those who miss the official one, but we can only do this if we know the number of people who will not be coming. Therefore, it is extremely important that you tell us if you cannot be there.

The Hymn of One
Letter of Acceptance
There are a wide variety of activities offered by the Hymn of One.
This chart will give you a basic overview of what you will
participate in as a member of the Hymn.

Activity 54.04%
Study 19.00%
Learning 26.96%

As shown, most of time spent will be doing activities. At the Hymn of One's campus, there are many different things to do. We also offer take-home projects that can be done out of your home and turned in. As previously mentioned, more thorough information about these avocations will be given during the seminar and after a stay with us. The Hymn of One has had many, many members that deserve honor. Here are just a few of those who have been a help in our path to a greater tomorrow. If you need to contact the Hymn of One for any reason, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Please do not ask us any in-depth questions through this e-mail. These questions will be explained and answered at the seminar you were e-mailed about. If you did not receive your e-mail, please send a message to the above address with the secret code that was given to you at the Greeting. Please remember that by joining the Hymn Of One, you have sworn to secrecy. You may talk about the Hymn to outsiders but you may not give them in-depth information about what the Hymn does or its members. Do not share this letter with anyone. If you know someone who needs another copy, he or she may e mail us with “Lost Letter” in the title. Also keep in mind that by being accepted to the Hymn of one, you have been recognized to have a different understanding of the world, and are enlightened in a way many people are not. You are extremely lucky.
The Hymn of One


  1. Strange papers...Bree's dad is listed as Robert R.? I thought her dad was Drew Avery. Mmm, maybe this Robert guy is her real dad?

  2. Woah, Bree's real parents names! Has anyone emailed the HoO for the the full members list yet?

  3. That pie chart reminds me of the mac adverts. The hymn of one are clearly a bunch of squares from microsoft.

  4. That also said Issac with Gilman blured out badly!...Woah, Issac was HoO?..total plot twisy

  5. Is this canon to LG15? I thought not until I saw the "official" email address quoted.

  6. modelmotion, how do you find all this stuff?

  7. Look at the initials on the members page.

    B. R. E. E. I. S. A. F. E.

    Hmm, they said they had someone from the Hymn of One "helping" them. Perhaps this was a little message from him/her?


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