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Thursday, August 30, 2007

5on5:Everything Changes Flock Season 1 Finale

5on5: Everything Changes - MainAntagonistProd

5on5:Everything Changes Flock Season 1 Finale
by immortal1
on Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:17 pm

The Flock ends it's 1st season with 5 season finale videos on Sept. 5, 2007!

I'm really proud of the 40 videos we've turned out. If you think about it that's pretty amazing considering more could go wrong than could right. The cast are fans located across the US, Canada and UK. Any direction I could give I had to give through email! We've endured: finals, midterms, breaks, jobs, technical difficulties, personal insults and even death threats. Probably the biggest obstacle is lg15 itself! For example, writing stories about potential ceremony girls without ever knowing what the ceremony was has not been easy!

If you've stuck with us this long, you'll want to see what happens next! Check out the:
5on5:Everything Changes Flock Season 1 Finale Trailer

To the cast: I'd like to thank the cast for all their hard work and for believing in me.

Discussion thread for the 5on5 announcement.

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