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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Charlie's Party

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  1. Hymn of One pamphlets in Spooky Steves bag!!! run Kate run!!!!

  2. a) this video is great. I like that they're trying some subtle new things with filming.
    b) Charlie is so cute.
    c) Was that Greg on the dancefloor?
    d) I always thought Lonelygirl, or specifically BDJ, were detached too much from what it's like to be a young person in the USA. On the other hand, I think one of the ways KateModern is excelling is in showing the lives of young people in the UK. Very nice.

  3. Well, we could expect that Steve was a HoO guy. But seeing that HoO flyer in his bag, creaped me out anyway.

  4. Oh BOY!!! Most excellent! I think I am hookedonKate. :-) Thanks Creators!

  5. 2:25 - Someone peeing in the sink, eyewww!

  6. Ohsnap.

    Steve is using the HoO's message, I'm sure, to convince Kate to join, or rejoin, or something... especially since she's allfreaked out by her dreams... o.0

  7. Geez, I actually felt a tear roll down my cheek when he pulled that pamplet out. Ugh. lol

    And Gavin is hot. The end. haha


  8. Wow... maybe i'll start to follow Kate... I guess i can relate a bit more with these characters, just because they're older than the TAAG

  9. oh shiz... the hymn...

  10. I swear, I thought that was a purse!


    This Hymn of One pamphlet, while not unexpected, was a bit earlier than I expected.


  11. I love how the siren in the song kicked in just when he pulled out the pamphlet.

    So Tariq knows about the Hymn of One and how not-awesome it is, or did he just read into things and make a relatively accurate guess?

    Also, this party looked so much better than the fashion party in LG15.

  12. A Hymn of One pamphlet? Gotta say I saw this coming. Or at least suspected it. Here's hoping this turns out better for Kate than it did for Bree.


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