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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Coming soon - TheLadyLazarus series finale

by TheLadyLazarus on Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:27 am


As we all know, the GuillotineCalamity ARG series (which LL [Lady Lazarus] has been incorporated with since December) has been absent for quite some time. And TheLadyLazarus has only been releasing videos on a monthly basis.
With both joy and sadness, I am here to say that TheLadyLazarus Alternate Reality Game, which has been active since December 12th, 2006, is preparing for its final video.
It's really over this time, and no one should be left wondering, "Why?"
The last video (which will be mainly for explanatory purposes, out of character) will, with as much detail as possible explain Lady Lazarus's story from beginning to end.
This will also be extremely convenient for LL fans who might've missed parts or pieces of the story.
Though no specific date is set, it is safe to say this video will be posted in August, and will in fact be published to all the Lady Lazarus accounts run by the LL Pm (this means that the video will not be posted on GC accounts).
So, TheLadyLazarus, OpScorn and even ProjectStatic (for the older fans) will feature this series finale that promises explanations and reason.
Also, for those who are curious, all sources and references will be cited, and songs and lyrics (of which almost every video features) will be listed, for those of you who couldn't get an LL tune out of your head.

-TheLadyLazarus, AKA Codename Double L, AKA LL, AKA Kyle






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