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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comment about Steve 22/08/2007

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  1. It's true about running into people in London! I'm American, and I even ran into someone I knew there!

  2. Just had to post to thank you for all your hard work on the LG15Today blog. I'm trying to keep up with LG15, KM and MaddisonAtkins, but can only check in at the end of the day. Since there is so much to keep track of, I always check here first to find out the latest happenings.

    I have one suggestion: a standard naming scheme for the videos, something that includes which series the video is from (i.e. LG15 or KM). Because my finger is definitely *not* on the pulse of fast-breaking ARGs (though I do enjoy at least attempting to keep up), sometimes it is difficult for me to tell if a video is from a specific series, or whether it is a fan/response video.

    Thanks again for keeping me up to date!

  3. Thanks Dani. We could used a breakdown of London and some of the key "districts" and where KM fits into the London scene.

  4. <3 Dani

    you cuss so fluidly, I fucking love it :D

  5. I love swearing. I come from a forces family. My grandad was a sailor, my brother in law is a sailor and my dad was in the RAF.

    I fucking love swearing

  6. I agree with the comment about the different video series. It's hard to know what's what...


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