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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Erica Pike:.The Resistance is Watching

Private Transmission:
The Order of Denderah Erie (Ireland)

Intercepted Resistance Transmission

The Order of Denderah Texas (U.S.A.)



Music: “The Beautiful People” courtesy of Marilyn Manson


  1. Long Live The Deacons

    Control of the Order of Denderah has been assumed by the Deacon Class.

    Since the beginning of time we have served.

    We have served the entire body of women that followed Lilith.

    Today we no longer serve but we rule.

    The Order of Denderah or The Hymn of One will answer the Deacon Class.

    We shall rule as a collective body.

    The Papess lives but she does not rule.

    The Order of the Temple is declared an enemy of Denderah.

    The K.T./O.o.T. and their tyrannical Erica shall be placed in chains.

    Long Live the Deacons.

    The Deacons:.O.o.D.:.H.o.O:.

  2. Not to poster,
    whether Erie is a mangled 'order' version of erin or eirin or just a typo.
    Erie is galimh focail for a donkey and that's how you look.


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