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Thursday, August 9, 2007

EWLPRI Press Release 7 - August 8th, 2007

Hello, today is August 8th and this is Dr. K.R. Murr speaking on behalf of the EWLPRI. This update is concerning a bright flash we saw in the heavens last April.

After months of tireless study, we believe this to be the birth of a new star system. The odd thing about this new star system (which we are calling The Maddya System) is that it was born out of what we believe to be the supernova explosion of the star we are calling CH-1. We are unsure whether this actually was a supernova, or some other astronomical happening, but we are continuing our search. It is possible that the two planets orbiting this star, Adam and Maddison, crashed into their sun and caused this bright flash.

We have also discovered that the Maddya system has begun to interact with a star from the Lincerius system. Apparently, the gravitational pull from the newly formed Maddya system has begun attracting the LINC-1 star, as well as a system we had long believed to be dead in the Glenn-Beta galaxy. Specifically, there seems to be a lot of activity from the star Opaphid-X536 in terms of orbital shift. We are, as of yet, unsure how this will affect the development of the Maddya system.

If the Maddya system does join the Glenn-Beta galaxy, I believe that we would witness a galaxy whose magnitude rivaled that of the Lonelygirl-15 galaxy, possibly even out-sizing it.

In other news, we have discovered a new star in the Maddya system, which we are calling CH-2. Currently we know of only one planet in orbit of this star, which we are calling Clara. Clara apparently has a moon, called Adam, which we see very little of, but which does seem to shield the planet from a lot of harmful solar rays.

As always, the scientists here at the EWLPRI will keep you updated on our research break-throughs via this YouTube channel. Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the transcript. It was hillaroius.

    I wish you could turn the volume up a lot on your videos but other than that they are brilliant!


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