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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Free Will - Steve (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

Melisssssssa said...

The sign is from Liberty of London department store. Second picture from the left: http://www.liberty.co.uk/what_s_in_store/explore_the_store

GF commented on Kate's photo. “
http://www.haymills.com/projectdetails.php?id=27&PHPSESSID=62976631c51a0d2f4fe13fa089f12e9f Haymills Carnaby Street
Sarah D said... 3 minutes ago

Its here

Shakespeare´s Head pub on the corner of Fouberts Place and Carnaby Street, Soho

See this pic


  1. Its here

    Shakespeare´s Head pub on the corner of Fouberts Place and Carnaby Street, Soho

    See this pic


  2. So its obvious that the followers of HoO do not know about what the ceremony really is.

    Maybe we should send a message to the boys?

  3. He's scary!!!! But I'm pleased the bebo sleuthers solved the case!

  4. Soooo our KM friends watch lonelygirl15, and they think it's staged, but in their world, what's staged is really realy, so the fake story is true for them but they don't believe it!

  5. Clearly, we can trust Steve to take care of Kate. So, no more worries, that's a relief.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. What this vid could mean is that either Steve is a lying sack of garbage who's willingly and knowingly helping an organization that takes the blood out of innocent girls, he knows what kind of misdeeds they and still is ok with them, in which case I hope to see Gavin and Tariq yell "It's on like Donkey Kong!" and push him out of Kate's life for good,
    or that Steve is aware enough to be someone willing to fool someone and not ask questions but not aware enough to know the full scale of what sort of nastiness he's part of (which reminds me of the caretaker of the female Klye XY, LG15's affecting how I look at other works of art),
    or else Steve is just a poor manipulated soul. I of course hope for the latter, it would be awesome if someone in that state became a force against The Order and worked on helping others turn away from such danger.

    I finally want to add that this video, which features a man in a fictional series calling another fictional series (made by some of the same people who make both series) fake, is going next to most of the films of Kevin Smith in my mental list of "totally meta stuff".

    Meta, what a cool word.

    (http://www.myspace.com/journeymystery )

  8. I'm now a skeptic. Perhaps Creepy Steve isn't such a bad guy after all...

    And no, I do not say that just because the first nine seconds of this vid made me swoon. =P

  9. steve is not good
    he is a creep just like charlie said
    kate should listen to tariq and charlie.

  10. Ummm.. Why is he folding her clothes?

  11. Well, at least it was an interesting development.

  12. this one was a bit. . . .weird

  13. Lol, he sounds so nice, but that could just mean he's really good at manipulating people.

    His words sound like a peace offering to Tariq, but his actions (folding Kate's clothes, making Kate's bed) indicate that he's trying to get under Tariq's skin by flaunting how close he is to Kate (and leaving it to the imagination exactly what's going on there).

  14. What a creep! Why is he touching Kate's stuff and her bed, like he's her boyfriend?? Maybe he doesn't know what the Elders do to young girls, but I don't trust him at all!


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