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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Know Hallam Foe! - Charlie (KateModern)

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Hallam Foe on Wikipedia
Hallam Foe on IMDB
Hallam Foe web site.
Jamie Bell on Wikipedia
Jamie Bell on IMDB
Jamie Bell web site.

Giles Alderson is a London-based actor who plays Steve in the KateModern video series. He has appeared in such films as "I Want Candy," "Night Junkies," and "A Dying Breed." He is an ex-professional footballer and is skilled in singing, dancing, DJing, and stage combat.

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  1. I seriously love the way she talks.

    That Steve guy has big nostrils. o.0 Is it bad that that's the first thing I noticed about him in this video?

    xx Amy

  2. Haha! :D

    Did she just call him Creepy Steve?! As in ... Creepy Carl?!



  3. Creepy Steve or not, he's is one sexy Steve XD

  4. the same i say for Creepy Carl... hawt stuff!

  5. Why is Steve running away the whole time? No wonder everyone thinks you're suspicious! Just stand still and talk about it.


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