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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

KateModern: Charlie's Ass

That work out video was a bit of alright wasn't it. Come on lads lets tell these girls we need more of that not bloody sandwich tutorials.

Cheers for the messages about my sunburn. It's feeling a bit better.

Look out of a new video from me later in the week

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  1. Oh, I definately think things are going to get interesting between Gavin and Charlie.

  2. If the girls watching LG15 get to beg for more of Jonas's Abs, I feel that it is only fair that the boys watching KateModern get to beg/see more of Charlie's Ass.

  3. OpieMoore:

    First and foremost, I need to agree about Charlie's ass. I got to drool over Sarah and now I get to drool Charlie. Youve gots to hand to the Creators and Producers. Im a pleased individual...teehee!

    But about Gavin... he's a puke *cheesy grin*. I personally would love to see him get his ass kicked just on principal ;-). No malice here, I promise!


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