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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

LG15. Lonelygirl15 OR Little Girls?

Sent by e-mail:

LG15. Lonelygirl15 OR Little Girls?
While we as fans think innocently to call Lonelygirl15 "LG15," some people are upset and down right disgusted.
LG is a commonly used underground term for "Little Girls," used by Child Molestors and Pedifiles, and is commonly seen as a common code name for Child Pornography sites.
While we see it as an innocent gesture, while I mentioned it to a mother downtown today, she became disgruntled and offended by my consistent use of LG15 as a short term version of Lonelygirl15. I was completely uneducated by this, and I actually came to agree with her.
While we see this as an innocent gesture, it may be a down fall for the LG community and the difference between parents approval and disapproval.



  1. Yikes, now thats a freaky connection.

  2. O noez, not the child molesters.

    I will continue to call it LG15. *shrug*

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. For god sake. I am the mother of a little girl and I will still call it LG15, because most normal folk dont try to associate initials with sickos. (I have never heard anyone in the whole year LG15 has been going connect the phrase LG15 in this way.. I would suggest the lady you were speakig to may have made it up) LG could also mean "Lost Goats" "Lively Gnomes" "Little Grapes"...the list goes on...

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    pedifile sounds like something you have done to your toe nails.

  7. I removed two anonymous comments from this article. The first was a personal attack that had no business on this blog, and the second was needless banal profanity. This isn't YouTube.

  8. Nieriel.ManwathielAugust 15, 2007 at 2:06 AM

    OMG! I think more people need to take this into consideration when discussing the show with people outside the Breeniverse...

    :is glad she happened to have never called Lonelygirl15 by its abbreviated name to any non-fans:

    Idea for a new abbreviation: LoGi15? (rhymes with "hoagie" ;))

  9. I like LoGi15. :)

    Yeah, I always call it LonelyGirl15 outside of the internet, just so I know people understand what I'm talking about. ;)

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  10. I did not know this, and no one that I know knows this, so I think this is not an issue.

  11. this reminds of the debate when jonas called bree a "spinner" in one of the foosball eps, which apparently also is a sexual reference. people can make dirty connections to anything.

    how many people are going around using an LG reference for Little Girls? Probably not too many. Any anyway, the concept that bree was this geeky-hot 15 year old girl (even though she was 16 at the start) was ALWAYS fodder for pedophile talk.

  12. Hey guys, I just wanted to comment on my position on this "issue"

    Yea sure it's a little silly. But I just wanted to make people aware that using LG15 as a short term way to say Lonelygirl15 is inappropriate in the wrong environment, and maybe we should consider thinking about changing our habits and making a NEW acronym for out beloved show.

    Thats that.

  13. It kind of sounds like this woman just likes to look for trouble.

    I suppose she must be really offended that there's a cell phone brand named LG.

  14. hmm. well, when i'm at school, the lonelygirl sites are blocked automatically, and most likely not for content. this might be one of the reasons why. i can only keep up with the show on you tube during the school year.

  15. Most people can find some way to pervert anything. I mean seriously I am in high school and people probably associate 90% of what I say in to an inappropriate joke. For example my friend was giving away a banana at lunch. I tell her that I like bananas and the people around me start to giggle.
    Political correctness with terminology is becoming to the point where people can't say anything with out offending some one. I personally am not going to stop using the term LG15. If any one takes it in the wrong context I will correct them.

  16. The term LG15 is completely harmless. Anyone who would think otherwise of the letters "LG" is a perv.

  17. I get what you're saying, KTS, but I don't think it's as common a slang as this woman let on.

    Plus I don't talk about LG in my real life because I don't want people to think I'm a huge internet dork with no life.


  18. lg15today? where are all the little girls TODAY? hmmm? FALSE ADVERTISING!

    bananas. he he.

  19. Can't call it LoGi, that sounds too much like Lolita Girl. Can't call it BG, that sounds too much like Booty Girl. Can't call it Bree Blog since someone named Bree might get offended. Can't even use the name LonelyGirl since that sounds like a personal dating service.
    I guess the best course to please everybody who doesn't even follow the series is just to shut down and not call it anything.

    Seriously, I've never heard LG used as a pedophilia term, but then, I'm not a pedophile. If LG offends the pedophiles then good.
    I'm glad we could do that.

  20. A simple google search shows the LG term is in use. its probably only understood by pple in that "underground world" but it does not hurt to understand there is a sensitive issue lurking out there.

  21. Why should we surrender the letters LG to a bunch o pervs? There is no reason to adjust your life just because so pervs have taken something and claimed it as there own.

  22. As someone who was abused by a pedophile as a "little girl," I find absolutely no offense in calling the LonelyGirl15 series by the acronym LG15.

    God, people, get a life!

    Oh wait, I took the Lord's name in vain, and I'm sure that'll offend someone too.

    Political correctness is only good to a certain extent, and there is such a thing as too much or going overboard.

    I'm not changing it. So the term is in use by pedophiles. We are not pedophiles. Think of all the acronyms out there that have double meanings. LG15 is not LG. We aren't talking about little girls. We know what we're talking about. Pedophiles using the term "LG" know what they are talking about.



  23. Pfft...if we change it now, the pedophiles have won!

  24. This is ridiculous. I guess it's something to watch when you are speaking to people outside of the Beeniverse, but I've never heard of this before so I don't think it's that well known. I think that overall this is a non-issue. There is an electronic brand called LG. If I said it to other people, I'm sure most would think I was talking about getting a new phone or TV.


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