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Sunday, August 12, 2007

LonelyGirl15 is Dead! - WHATTHEBUCKSHOW

***WARNING: this video is by a guy who doesn't like LG and didn't watch any of it untill 12 in 12, it's pretty irreverent. Watch at your own discretion***

Added this video: August 07, 2007
You Tube is like so dramatic! I swear LisaNova and the Community Channel staged their cat fight on the same weekend to try to upstage LG15- good try bitches!
PS- I love them both! Lighten up people!
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  1. delayed reaction! I told you guys to post this like....last week :P

  2. Okay, some of that was funny... but making fun of jessica's eyebrowns and Yousefs and jacksons nose's is just dumb

  3. Kill,
    if you have something good to post the best way to do it is to sign up as an author and then you can just post it directly. To do that just send and e-mail to [email protected] and we will send you an invite.

    This is a community project so, the more authors the quicker we get the news out.

  4. I have to admit, some things were funny but most of the things he saids are just dumb. Stupid talking about eye brows and big noses. And Sarah is the new girl...yeah right. Take some medication for your hyperactivity

  5. this guy didnt even watch any of the earlier videos. he must shut the Buck up.

  6. Modelmotion, I'd love to help you out with this blog, but I just don't have the time. But I love to comment! This blog rocks!

    Besides, the team here seems to get things up very fast. You say the more authors, the quicker we get the news out, but I think you already get things out very fast.

  7. This guy is really funny; he doesn't take anything seriously, including himself. I enjoyed this.

  8. I actually found this funny. It is done all in good fun. Like airc said don't take it so seriously and just enjoy it.

  9. Mike is the best! Subscribe to Buck!

  10. Hehe. That made me giggle. ;P


  11. "i guess they're all on crack or something" lol- he doesn't even know the half of it. he should check out the lonelycrackers.

    "these kids are so advanced- they talk like they're on dawson's creek or something" lol

    he knows they're scooby doo crew too

    "i will try to watch them all again after a few lots of drinks. i kind of love that it's really bad- i find it kind of charming"
    so true.

    he really doesn't approve of eyebrows. i think i'll go pluck mine out and then draw new very thin ones on so if i ever make a vid he can watch it

  12. For all the LG-hating, I thought this was hilarious. :)

  13. boo-hoo it's not like she's harry potter... lol


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