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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Maxwell Glick was was on F.O.B. life!

  • FOB Life with Yousef and Reza - Wednesday, August 15at . Special guest Maxwell Glick, aka Spencer Gilman.

  • Highlights:
    Max sang
    Fans wanted Max to take his shirt off.
    Kels took on Max at football talk (and totally won).

    Maxwell'sweb site.

    Maxwell on Friendster

    Maxwell on IMDB

    Maxwell on MySpace

    Maxwell Glick on LGPedia

    Maxwell Glick is the actor that plays the role of Spencer.
    Maxwell Glick was born in Long Island, NY. He received a BA in Theatre from Boston College. After college, he moved to Mahattan and then Los Angeles to further his acting career.
    He is a New York Yankees and New York Jets fan. He also plays piano.
    More about Maxwell:

    St Anthonys High School

    Boston College, St. Anthony's High School

    Boston College, Bachelor's Degree, Theatre


    Actor's Equity Association

    Hobbies and Interests:
    Acting, Singing, Sports (Yankees, Jets), Music!

    Favorite Books:
    Harry Potter, Stories From A Moron

    Favorite Movies:
    Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Truman Show, Falling Down, Airplane, Misery

    Favorite Music:
    POP! Just go see my top 20! My fave ever is Michael Jackson though. Currently, Kelly Clarkson is the best, and Carrie Underwood! Oh, and don't forget my man R. Kelly!

    Favorite TV Shows:
    24, American Idol, Seinfeld, Survivor

    Zodiac Sign:

    About Me:
    I am obsessed with baseball and pop music. Yeah that's about it. I suggest you go see my website. It's www.maxwellglick.com! Enjoy it!"


    1. bleh, i missed it! is there anyway that it was recorded and put on youtube or something? :(

    2. You can replay the show on the site (link at top of this page) or you can download the podcast.

    3. it says he went to BC from 1901-1905 and is the class of 1905? mistype there, don't know on whose part, hah

    4. Kelseygirl for the fucking win

    5. you forgot the part where she totally dissed me.

    6. I would so totally marry this man and give him a buncha babies, given half a freaking chance! :D



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