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Monday, August 20, 2007


Why is it that no one seems to remember anything these days? Kate does not remember the doctors visit. Rachel does not remember her blood test. Daniel does not remember what happened to him. What gives with all this memory loss?

Rescuing Danie - Lonelygirl15
The other night was incredible! I can't even compare it to anything...at least not anything I've experienced before. Jonas and I are really happy to have Daniel back, and we also had a few guests stay with us this past weekend.

Bree: The past few days have been...pretty cool. Daniel's back and things feel...right again. And yes, we checked to see if it was the actual Danielbeast. He acted so strangely in that OpAphid video. He swears that he doesn't remember. So, I'll try to explain what happened. There are some things that I can't talk about, some things that I won't talk about, and some things that I just don't know anything about.
Who's Tachyon? She's a few years older than me--actually, she's not that much older than me. We both grew up in similar environments, only she learned the truth about the Order at a much younger age. And yeah, her story isn't any happier than mine. But life led her down a path towards actually doing something about it. You might have seen her videos. If you were confused, don't worry, I was too. In most of them, she's communicating with her (air quotes) "Brother". He's actually not her brother; he's more like a partner. They use lots of codes because they're working together to investigate the Order, and a part of the Order called OpAPHID. I feel like an idiot. I read through a bunch of your comments, and...seems that you've been trying to warn me about OpAphid for quite some time.
Tachyon contacted me after that OpAphid video went out with Daniel in it. Together we came up with this plan to fake out the Order. That's why I was spouting all that crazy talk of doing the ceremony. I was so nervous that I'd mess up, but I didn't. It was like the most exciting, intense spy movie I've ever seen, except for that I was living in it. Tachyon and Brother made sure that we got home safely. They even spent the weekend with us. It was really nice to, you know, spend some time with a girl who knows exactly what I'm going through. For obvious reasons, she didn't let us film anything. I wish she hadn't left already, but she gave me a disk. It's encrypted. She didn't tell me what was on it. She did promise to contact me and tell me how to open it when the time was right.
It's almost...embarrassing to admit but, for the past few months I've been so afraid to do the wrong thing that I haven't really been doing anything. I finally did something, and not only did it work, it was so much easier than I thought. I think that...I know what I want to be when I grow up.

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  1. They have been replaced... pod people.

  2. 1. Actors can only remember a script a few minutes after reading it.

    2. If they can't remember what happened then there is no plot hole.

    3. Drugs

    4. Vloggers have bad memories. That's why they vlog, so they can remember what they did. The more they vlog the worse their memory is.

    5. I can't remember what this list was for.

  3. i think 1+2+3+4+5=436 in enochian!


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