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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Music Mashup of DOOM! Plz Help! - GregGallows

If any of you can help identify the missing songs in this mashup pleasel eave a comment.

Detailed song listings as well as an mp3 copy of the entire mashup and a zip file containing each individual can be found at the address below


Were still missing clips

7 (starts at 0:20 into the mashup)
this clip can be heard at:
looking for rap song

9 (starts at 0:26 into the mashup)
This clip can be heard at:
Looking for Sha la la la's

13 (starts at 0:37 into the mashup)
This clip can be head at:
looking for High pitched female vocals

43 (starts at 2:24 into the mashup)
This clip can be heard at:
Looking for raps song "they harder they come they hardeer they .. fall" ... indicates many possible options, could/gonna/will/are

44 (starts at 2:27 into the mashup)
This clip can be heard at:
Song is near the end of the clip right underneath unidentified rap song.

Mashup can be heard/downloaded at:

thank you!!


  1. clip 44: Alkaline Trio - Prevent This Tragedy

    yay I actually helped!

  2. thank you, thats one of the ones we have already though. The mashup is so layered I changed the track to the same as the one for clip 43, so that the missing song can be heard a bit better. it's a high pitched singing at the very end of the track, right beneath the still unidentified "harder they come the hardey they .. fall" song

    thank you for helping though, we need all the assistance we can get :)

  3. number 7 may be The Smiths-The Sha La La Song, not sure if that's what y'all are trying to identify though.

  4. I'm a little confused. In clip 44 are we talking about the music that sounds very electronic? I hear the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the last one by Alkaline Trio, so that only leaves that little bit of music. Unless there is something else there I'm not hearing.

  5. sorryt, that was my mistake for posting a ckip thats not rlly good for hearign it. I re-deited it to have the proper clip (the same as clip 43) it's the high pitched singing at the end, beneath the rap, that were looking for.

  6. 43 could be 'the bigger they come the harder they fall' by Jimmy Cliff... not sure

  7. 13- if you are talking about the main song and not what's under it, I don't know the name of the song or of the group, but the lyrics are something along the lines of "What was it she said? Running through my head, running through my head. This is not enough." Does that help?

  8. it does help, but we have that one identified already as well.

    there seems to be a line near the end in a female voice.. almsot sounds like "freak of love"

  9. Number 7 is We're at the Top of the World by The Juliana Theory

  10. Number 7 does include the Juliana Theory, but underneath that song is a rap lyric that can't be figured out. The first words sound like "Don't go running to a friend." Then I think I hear the word boy somewhere in there. And "said come back" or "sent them back." I dunno. It is all kind of blur at this point.
    Also, I don't think that the harder they come stuff is Jimmy Cliff because he is a reggae type singer, and the song in the mash-up sounds like one of those rap/rock hybrids.
    And I think the instrumental part in mash-up section 45 sounds like stuff Limp Bizkit did back in the day. Maybe that could be a jumping off point. But I'm just throwing ideas out here hoping maybe it might jog someones mind 'cause this thing is consuming too much of my mind and is driving me crazy. :)

  11. in number 7 i thought i heard the words "ying-yang" so i'm on itunes right now listening to ying-yang twins songs. one of the brothers sounds a lot like the rapper in that clip, so i think i may be on the right track. however, they have a lot of songs and if the line we've got isn't in the 30 seconds itunes gives me, then i'm screwed. if anybody has a way to listen to whole songs or, like, an extensive ying-yang twins collection, get on it! ;)

  12. For clip 43, I hear "...we kill them all, the harder they come the harder they gonn' fall."

    But as always, can't find anything to match.



  13. Could the Shalala song be..
    Vengaboys- Sha La La

    It's similar?

  14. For #9 have we considered the cranberries? It sounds like her voice, but I dont know the song.

  15. regarding #43. The lyrics are: Come back alone after we kill them all, the harder they come the harder they gon' fall. And its definately not Jimmy cliff, or even the same song. Seriously, Im listening to Jimmy right now.

  16. I just came back to add exactly what anonymous wrote in the post above:

    #43 lyrics are, "Come back alone after we kill them all, the harder they come the harder they gonn' fall."

    Pretty sure.


  17. Could the lalala's be "Around the word" by ATC? You can listen to the whole song on you tube. Doesn't match really well but I also really suck at this.


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