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Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Mystery of Maddison Atkin's Account

Late last night Clara uploaded the video "Gregory Atkins called us" (see post below) to her own YouTube account amblyopianne). In the video Maddison's dad gives Clara the passwords for Maddison's accounts. Early this morning the following video was uploaded with the name "Hello.." to Maddison Atkins YouTube account (maddisonatkins) which has been dormant since her brutal murder:


The video is identical to the "Gregory Atkins called us - amblyopianne" video in the post below except for the account name, the video title and the video description.

On Maddison Atkin's YouTube account the video is called "Hello.." and bears the following description:

"If you don't already know. I'm Clara. I've been doing a documentary on Maddison Atkins, and it's only with her father's permission and encouragement that I'm posting my work. I knew Maddison . . . a little. You can see all of my footage at http://www.youtube.com/amblyopianne"

This can be seen as an attempt to reach out and contact some of Maddison's old friends who may not know of the documentary she is making.
From the YouTube comments on Maddison's account:

clara if you read this come back to irc, woman! please <3

not tonight. im not ready to come back into chat. i kind of humiliated myself already.


1 comment:

  1. she gave me a message "/me gives brooklynxman a tripple it was priceless I amy take a screenshot an dget it framed


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