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Friday, August 3, 2007

NIkki Bower is back in IRC chat!

08:11 nikkibowerreport right here

08:11 nikkibowerreport speechless

08:12 i felt so good earlier today. getting clues, rescuing the kids with Jerry... and now this.

08:12 nikkibowerreport From my investigations, it seems like "ceremony" is more for the HoO

08:12 nikkibowerreport while it looks like it's just a medical procedure

08:12 nikkibowerreport it seems like propaganda

08:13 nikkibowerreport when in reality it's just this blood thing whatever we saw

08:13 I don't want anyone to die, but I'm more concerned about Jonas right now

08:14 nikkibowerreport is that terrible of me to say?

08:14 nikkibowerreport ok... poor bree

08:15 nikkibowerreport Thanks everyone, I feel better. So what about Bree? Alive, or...?

08:15 nikkibowerreport odd? he's my boyfriend

08:16 nikkibowerreport Why didn't Sarah and Taylor do something?

08:16 nikkibowerreport I hit a Watcher over the head with a fire extinguisher...

08:16 nikkibowerreport you'd think they could try and save dying Bree

08:17 nikkibowerreport That's true. And they're very young. I understand they must have been in shock. They still must be!

08:18 nikkibowerreport I'm just in shock. What do ou think is happening now? Is the Order going to get them?
Talk has now turned to Aleister Crowley!!!!


  1. Head over to katemodern.bebo.com while you're waiting for the new vid! Kate appears to have gone missing!

  2. Check out the new KateModern video. Something seriously going on there! katemodern.bebo.com

  3. I can't get in chat is it working?


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