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Friday, August 3, 2007

Nikki Bower says........ (in IRC chat)

daniel will need some serious therapy after this

*slurps the martini* ahh much better

*Nikki hands JALG a botttle*

what is going to happen???

I don't know where they are. I don't have Taylor's number. I'm such a failure.

daniel = therapy asap

I should have stayed with them. Daniel insisted they needed to go alone.

did you see the way taylor was all touchy touc

true. i'm glad taylor was there for him. looks like they've become good friends.

lol ya if jerry hadn't gone back to work...

right here!!

i wouldn't know where to start :(

redrevolver must stay!

i dunno

just hate to see you go


J/k go to bed :)

I was really a member. It was kind of fun in a tom cruise way

*please keep it down*

No one comes to IRC except me

I'm leaving. I don't want to hear all of this negativity. Just not now... it's so insensitive.

Then let's get back to what's really happening

::::Nikki has left the chat:::::


  1. Uhhh...she is taking this much to lightly. Its kinda making me not like her so much.

  2. yeah i was just thinking about that. i really don't like her that much now that she said all that stuff in IRC.

  3. Seriously. This is serious Nikki....what the hell man?


  4. can some one help me get in to IRC?, it always says "connecting" then it says "unable to connect:null" whats the problem?

  5. i know she likes to joke but, good gosh!

  6. I still like Nikki a lot but she really needs to stop being so light in her comments.

    When she was just reporting it was okay because it was like she was us and our voice. Once she is actually interacting with Jonas, Daniel, etc. ,she really needs to be more serious.

    If someone who just saved them from a Watcher doesn't seem to care if Jonas dies, why should we?

    ~M of Many

  7. Madison, try going into tools at the top of your browser, then internet options, and empty your cache. Sometimes that works.

  8. It's not Nikki, it's the handy-tards pretending to be Jules, p-monkey and owen who are disturbing to me. :(

  9. Hey, I'd cut Nikki B. a little slack.

    She just knocked out a Watcher. I think I'd have a couple of martinis and try to crack wise myself if I were in her shoes.

  10. Don't blame Nikki B. for the chat room - the whole room was getting wigged out and stupid. Look back at her earlier comments posted on this blog and you will see she is "super worried" ... she just feels helpless to do anything at this point, waiting for the next video like the rest of us.

  11. First of all, why the hell would she be in a chat room. When she can be doing something to help. Thats just dumb.

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