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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Open letter to The Breeniverse:

"However, in spite of the series’ initial popularity and vivacious cult-following, LonelyGirl15 has since become comparable to the war in Iraq."


  1. Comparable to Iraq? WTF???

  2. I know what she means but 30,000 dead and 4.7 million refugees does not compare to LG15

  3. Not to mention around 70,000 civillians Dream! (I do support our troops btw)

    I'm sorry I love LG15 everyone knows that, but you cant compare it to Iraq! (or any other war.)

    compare it to a paint by numbers where halfway through the Creators realised they were using the wrong color paint and had gone over the lines...

  4. Thanks GF, I should learn to read websites properly even at 1:30am. So make that 100,000 dead.

    I think my comparison is boys getting lost in a maze of their own lies. Never remembering the story they told first.

  5. anothertearfallsdownAugust 4, 2007 at 4:34 PM

    It is spelled "lonely".

    That is all

  6. I don't think the article meant the war itself but rather the fact that humans make mistakes......and sometimes one mistake layered on an other creates a problem.

    For copyright reasons we have to select a small portion of an article and perhaps this does not give the fulll context of the story.

    That said, your points are well taken regarding the war.

  7. i think that was well written.

  8. I agree totally with your analogy. Lonelygirl15, as was the war in Iraq, was needed. LG15 provided a new form of entertainment that the world was lacking. The war took out a vicious dictator that the world needed to be rid of. But both LG15 and the war eventually started to slip and the leadership of both became weak. The analogy between KateModern and the potential invasion of Iran is also correct. Taking out the dangerous leadership in Iran could save the war in Iraq, as it is known that many of the terrorists in Iraq are being funded and armed by the Iranian Government. Bringing new life to the Breeniverse with a KateModern spinoff could not only carry the series new fans, but make it easier for the producers to come up with more dynamic characters and exciting plot lines (it could also end your problem with "filler vids". I acutally thought that a filler vid was needing sometimes for humor or getting the TAAG back in line). With the new sponsorship deals landed by the Creators, we can only hope that they have enough money to get the people (like ARG experts) to make the series interesting once again.

  9. They def need more help with the ARG of the show.


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