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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Psmith: "I was there"

:::::::SPOILER ALERT::::::::
This article may contain spoiler information. Do not read it if you have concerns that it may affect your enjoyment of future videos.

CARNABY STREET UPDATE ON KATE MODERN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by e-mail to [email protected]:

Hi... this is Psmith (LGPedia admin). Here is the latest info (SPOILERS BELOW).

Action is over. After hearing sirens a group of "tourists and passer-bys" (i.e. LG & KM fans) ran towards a side street (Ganton Street?). The big mosaic mural can be found there on one wall. The road was cordoned off with an ambulance and police car and policemen were standing outside an office. Tariq rushes up angrily worried about Kate. A body comes out of an office wheeled on a trolley... but then Kate turns up. It is not her but the doctor who was wheeled out in a black bag.

Possible watcher hanging round in Carnaby Street beforehand taking photos.

I have video and photos. Will upload later.


More pictures of the live action on Carnaby street from OTS Reporter Psmith.

Note: shortly after the event Psmith also showed up in IRC chat and shared the experience with gratefull fellow fans.

From webshots:
Mural on the way to Carnaby Streetcarnaby street

If I Was A Rich Girl! said...

It was BROADWICK Street :D


  1. LG15Today..we know before bebo! LOL

  2. PS thank you state-side MM for staying up to some ungodly hour in the morning to check emails! x

  3. Is it just the 3 of us out here in KM land? *

  4. sounds pretty cool....thanks psmith!

  5. Wow, thanks for all the information! It looks great, wish I was there when the action happened!


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