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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Remember Them? - LaRezisto

Jonas, pay attention to what you see.

Partial translation (thanks to Jo_16_2):

it's important for them to eat together, (can't translate)
it waits for them somewhere to have them (?)
they wouldnt recognize you
they have no memories of having them
gather the pieces, (can't translate)
help jonas
(can't translate), equality in death.

Remember Them? - LaRezisto on LGPedia

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  1. wow cool!

    Was that his parents? or did I miss something else?

  2. That'd be awesome.

    although people are going to complain about it.. I already saw someone say "this has to get better.."

    Everyone wanted jonas's parents to be in the storyline and when they finally might be showing up.

    They complain.

    I liked this video.

  3. i agree.

    the storyline has been a little slow for a while now, but i feel like it could really start to pick up from here. i can't wait to see jonas' reaction.

  4. Don't worry about other people. If you liked it or didn't like it, that is all that matters.

    I have also had concerns, and I have stated them, but my concerns were that it was kind of boring, and this video was not boring at all.

    There will always be some lg15 fans that will compare everything to bree, and bree is gone. Can't do anything about those people. Just enjoy the videos yourself if you like them.

  5. I hope the initial reactions will be exactly as you say...you have NO idea what we had to do and go through to get that footage...

    Once Jonas see this and once Daniel wakes up and opens Bree's email, they will see that all is not lost and all of this is NOT in vain.

  6. Ok there are various languages in the video, so I'll translate what i get from the Spanish bits. I heard there's some Romanian too... not sure.
    "A couple ... family brunch
    It's important for them that eat together
    The wife has prepared her husband's favorite
    But wait, something impacts them
    Jonas, do you recognize this *somehing* (not sure if it's woman or another word)?
    They do not recognize you.
    They don't have one memory of you, and yet we know you.
    Take the pieces, put them together
    (...) Jonas
    Equility in life equality in death"

    hummm i thought LaRezisto's slogan was "Unity in life, unity in death"

  7. Here is a tip for everyone who is translating ... and I'l remind every again and again about this:

    You do not have to translate. The female voice in the video speaking English is EXACTLY what the other languages are.

  8. 8/14/07. If I remember right, that was the day Jonas snuck to Bree's house.

    Does that mean the people he saw moving into the house... are these people Jonas's parents?

  9. awesome, i want to see jonas' storyline moved forward...and potentially resolved...

  10. sorry... i just translated because sometimes the parts in English cannot be heard because of the other languages...

    pretty interesting video thou

  11. No way! Thats great imbealkariel. You never know if they are gonna throw us a curve ball.

    Thank you!

    Say thank you : P )


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