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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sexy Librarian ;) - soccerstar4ever

You'd buy a book from me, wouldn't you? Uh, yeah you better because I need the money! -Sarah

Music: "Stop Talking" by The Hymns
Sexy Librarian ;) - soccerstar4ever on LGPedia

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  1. That looked like a Waldenbooks

  2. OR barnes and noble

  3. Running hand in hand
    Faster! Faster!
    Don't try to talk!
    and draged her along

    Are we nearly there?
    Why we passed it ten minutes ago!
    Everything is just as it was!
    A slow sort of country!

    At the end of four,
    I shall say good-bye.

  4. i'm starting to like her again. this was good.

  5. i'm pretty sure it's Border's.

    so what happened to "stop filming, that's over"?? hmm.

  6. We need to see that e-mail, Daniel!

  7. I finally get a date with Sarah who is pretty much a sure thing and then she decides to change her ways. She didn't even call me back.


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