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Friday, August 17, 2007

Trait Positive

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Gavin has been calling all day telling me to come over to his office. It looks like Kate's in big trouble and you are the only one who can help.

*Its all coming together guys!*


  1. Who didn't see this coming? Looks like Steve's video he posted was all bullplop after all.

  2. Carnaby St survial kit:

    1) Fire extinguisher
    2) Syringe filled with ribozyme serum
    3) Tachyon ringtone
    4) A copy of "Diary of a Drug Fiend"
    5) Wi-fi finder to email pixs to LG15today @gmail.com

  3. When he said "deadbolt," I thought he was winding her up, and was going to just reach over and slide back a deadbolt lock on the door so it would open.

    Whoever heard of a security system that locks you in with no emergency exit? lol

  4. I love how this story is progressing. It started off real slow, but now Kate Modern and maddison atkins are both doing really well. I am hoping lonelygirl15 will be the same way, i.e. start off real slow in season 2 (which it is doing) and end up well.

    This was an awesome video!

  5. Argh no this is making me feel even more annoyed that I can't make it tomorrow!


  7. Looks like the Brits are getting in on some ARG action finally!

    Argh, something interesting needs to happen in Zavalla so I can make it there. ;_;

    They really jumped into this Order business, didn't they?

  8. No fair. ;( None of the cool stuff ever happens within a reasonable distance of me.


  9. Lol, Charley takes the news about a cult that drains girls' blood without any skepticism... a little strange, but better than have a bunch of videos of her trying to decide if this is for real or not before they take action

    I'm sure Gavin is sooo sad about being locked in with Charley. ;-)

    At least we know that he is capable of being serious about things that really matter.


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