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Friday, August 17, 2007

Tupelo Sky - moondoggle (Will-O-Wisp)

"I went to the crossroad, mama, I looked east and west I went to the crossroad, babe, I looked east and west Lord, I didn't have no sweet woman, ooh well, Babe, in my distress."

(WoW) Brief Summary
by sparkybennett
on Sat Aug 04, 2007 10:39 pm

Will/Sean "wakes up" after a 7 year hiatus. He has been in a coma since he was 14. There was a fire and 6 people were dead. Sean was the only survivor. He has been communicating by video with Abel, (who appears to be the cult leader), Mr Gone ( who appears to be a malevolent spirit-masquerading as his friend)
and Bell (she is in love with Sean, and is the charge of Abel). Will/Sean is angry at Abel who has been lying to him and leaves the commune. He periodically comes back as needed for ceremonies. He is referred to as the "Eternal Light" and has an important role in the cult. He has a nefarious past as a hitman for someone.

Mr. Gone wants the "seal" that Sean has - he kidnapped Bell to try and lure Sean into giving it up. He tortured Bell, threatening to hang her and cut off two of her fingers. Sean saved her and Mr Gone's lair went up in flames. Bell has not been the same since. Sean sent her back to the commune , where Abel locked her up and tried to get information about Will and the seal from her. Abel also took her to the "medicine wheel' a few times which she seemed to dread.

There is a ceremony being held in August at the Georgia guidestones on AUGUST 13th: Vertumnalia. Sean is necessary for this ceremony.

Will sent a message to Bell asking her to kill Abel. Bell posts that she will do as he asks, but that she will have to die in the process. Something happens at the medicine wheel , Abel has disappeared and Bell was left in a trance. Gone witnessed the whole thing. Sean has since denied any knowledge of sending that message.

Sean now has Bell, she is not normal. She does not speak. There are hints that she is not what she appears to be she is a "wolf in sheep's clothing." There is "something" inside her. Sean has the ability to go in and investigate, he produces a video of what he finds inside her.

Mr. Gone is also interacting with Kris from London/San Francisco files. He has asked him to get some "stones" for him.

As a result of Sean trying to heal Bell he has been wounded, possibly murdered at her hands.
Henry discovered another alias of Sean's , youtube user- Moondoggle. Bell now has the seal.

Will-o-Wisp or Sean aka Moondoggle- hitman, "eternal light." possibly immortal
Desdenova - Will's dog
Abel - Commune/Cult leader
Bell or Vertumnalia - in love with Sean, raised in the commune with Sean
Storm Genie/Mr Gone/"Winky" - Malevolent spirit, trying to get the seal from Sean, and the stones from Kris

I am probably forgetting stuff, so please let me now if you want more details, theories, etc. added. I tried to keep it brief for any newcomers...

I will keep this updated as necessary! Hope this helps


Soul Traveler - vertumnalia
Is this what you wanted?

Inner World - moondoggle
Bell was feeling down so I went 'inside' to see what I could do. I found a few puzzling things to take back with me, but I have a feeling there's more.

Moondoggle on YouTube
Vertumnalia on YouTube

1 comment:

  1. This is some really good/strange stuff.
    Don't forget to check out Inner World (the first part of Sean's inner duties) and Soul Traveler (the latest video) on Vertumnalia's YT.
    All three are very good.


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