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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who is Jonas Dad?

Well at least we know the actor that might play him: Meet Peter James:

Lizzy (itsmeforreal on lg15) said...
Jonas' Daddy: Peter James:

Peter James on IMDB

Peter James on LGPedia.

What do you think. Leave a comment below!


  1. Why is he credited on imdb for being in "Its a cult" O_o

  2. A noble man:

    "He is the Halifax, Nova Scotia policeman who, with his retired police dog, helped search for survivors after the collapse of the World Trade Center. He and police service dog Trakr were credited with finding one of the last survivors pulled from the debris. His superiors created international controversy when they suspended him for going to New York without asking for their permission while he was on leave. Dr. Jane Goodall, primatologist and UN Ambassador of Peace, presented James and Trakr the Humanitarian Service Award for their heroic work at Ground Zero and dedication to duty.

  3. A lot of the actors are credited for It's a Cult, since IMDB can't list all of the episodes they just do a few and put the actors on that one.
    Just a guess.

  4. Finally, a hottie for us mature ladies ;)

  5. I k new that was him on hell date! That was a good episode.
    ANd if the Halfax NS thing is true...


  6. ps: the hali thing might be true because a lot of his crew work were films filmed i nhalifax...

    this makes me....want to cry i'm so happy!

  7. its so true and I'm so happy


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