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Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Close Shave - Gavin (KM)

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  1. What if Tariq met his date on the comment board of LG15, that would be cool.

  2. um... WOW gavin... lol

  3. Not bad for a skinny boy?

    Ugh. I like Gav, but he's got more sex appeal with the shirt ON.

    Just my humble opinion. Sorry Gav. ;P

    Oh, and I think we need to rename it to KateProductPlacementHeavenModern.

    Seriously. This goes on way too much. Can you imagine the conversation when Gav found out he'd be doing a shaving video?

    "Seriously? You want me to SHAVE? That's what I'm doing? Without a shirt on? C'mon ... I'm not Yousef or [Insert Jonas' Actor's Name here, sorry, forgot it]."


  4. Haha I love Gav and Charlie :)

  5. Gag me. "Charlie's kept me busy at home."

    But he looks good. lmao


  6. His name is Jackson.

    Oh Gav, sorry skinny boy, but after Jackson's swimming vid, you might want to put that shirt back on. Were those abs or ribs? ;D jk! You're still cute Gavin.

    For a second there thought he was going to pull a Daniel Radcliff. ;D

  7. Hah, I love Gavin's videos!

  8. Wow... this vid is pointless, all it consists of is a totally shameless product plug for Gillette razor blades.


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