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Friday, September 28, 2007

DJ QtheC Offers Random Fun & Music Tonight- 6-7 PM PST (9-10 PM EST)

BreeFM station manager MicFranXon was kind enough to invite me to try my hand as a DJ, and I think I have the setup working, so will try to run a little show Friday evening, staring at 6pm PST (9 pm EST). I plan to play some good songs from relatively unknown bands including several from this years SXSW festival including Peter Adams And The Nocturnal Collective (rock), Alabama Thunderpussy (metal), Nicole Atkins & the Sea (alt country), and Buttercup (pop).

I'm also going to throw in a few funny sound clips of things I have found on YouTube, and may play a few rounds of "Name that Gunfire" if time allows.

Just an hour this first time out, and not much talking, mostly music or soundclips, so tune in, and be sure to join us in the #BreeFM chatroom on freenode. What I don't get to this time, we'll do another day.

Click here to listen!
Click here to join the chat!


  1. alabama thunderpussy?! i am so THERE! hehe. have you heard that "internet people" song - you should play that, it's hilarous.

  2. WTG Q! Rock on!


  3. Just finished putting together the playlist (I have way too much)... the Clampetts are in, but "Name that Gunfire" will have to wait for another day. ;)

    The good news... I won't be talking much.

  4. The "internet people" will not be in my show, but here it is on YouTube ... some great references... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pPCkhYMQgY

  5. that's ok qthec, its your show not mine!!!

  6. I posted notes with links to sources for the playlist from the show here:



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