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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Goodbye Devon - Kate (KateModern)

We spent our last night in Devon on the beach with The Days. The song is called 'Kate'!


Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/AbstractHeart

Note: The Days say: "Don't forget, our digital EP 'Evil Girls' is available to download on iTunes and 7digital. Check our blog below for links to download the EP'

Hum.....Evil Girls? Are they trying to tell us something?~ mm


  1. It's too bad her name is not really "Kate." It's actually Vampira Crowley.

  2. too many plugs in this series, its becoming out of controll

  3. I agree with you on the plugs and product placements. I don't have anything against it (the money must come from somewhere, right) but it's a little too much on KateModern.

  4. I didn't realize mind the plug in this video quite as much as the tampax ones (those was the most annoying, in my opinion). In the past two videos, The Days haven't said anything about buying their music IN the actual videos.... so it was easier for me to accept the side plot of Kate needing to get away from things and running across a band in Devon.

  5. Yeah, this series seems to have become about 50% product placement, but this was much more natural. It fit in the story rather than just blaring like a commercial. And I guess it worked because I rather like this band's music, and I had never heard them before. :-)

  6. You know I hoenstly care about Kate and Charlie and Gavin....and I guess Tariq as characters/people now. But as I've discussed with greg, the product placements are getting to be ridiculous at this point. I just want a story. I don't want TV. I don't want commercials. Like I've said the the creators, this medium is different, special and new for our generation for only one reason: it never used to sell out....
    And now that is all it is. LG's product placements are nice. They are subtle. But when the videos become a carbon copy of the commercial on TV, it starts to feel like I waste of time. Do you know how long it took me to convince myself to watch this video : 47 minutes. I thought....you know maybe they would ahve listened to my advice and put something plot related in there like they sort of did with Disturbia...unfortunately it was a bit or a disappointment, and I nfeel like I've wasted my time. :( It makes me sad. We do pa for this medium you know. We pay for it through our product influences. But if something becomes so incredibly annoying as a product placement, we'll begin to associate annoying to the product (example the tampax commerical). I personally think that is why I stopped buying tampax for the past two months....Because I look at it and I think of Kate and Charlie and Pregnancy scare. NOT GOOD THINGS TO THINK ABOUT WHILE BUYING TAMPONS PEOPLE!

  7. Its beginning to look like a KM story within one huge commercial. I thought the Brits were known for clever advertizing. What happened?

  8. When it comes to the product placements I think the real issues are how they are used, frequency and percentage of overall content. Mostly when a product placement is involved the story revolves around it. It's a pretty natural integration and entertaining enough to sit through but doesn't effect the over all plot greatly. If you're going to have a product placement every other vid then it's 50% of what you see. They just need to space them out better. I think that percentage needs to be about 10%. That means a) more story videos between product placements or b) longer videos between product placements.


  9. I am so surprised that so many can not separate the product placement from the story. Even when it's "in your face" as someone said.
    This is the only way that it can be done unless one of us wants to put up the funds.

    And they have kept their promise. They told us when they started Kate Modern that it will mean more production for LG15. Come on you guys! We get twice the ammt of videos a week then we used to.
    Oh and for the record:
    I had no clue the tampons were product placement until I read someone's comment about it. I thought it had to do with trait positive blood.
    So I was relieved to find out it was a commercial. LOL (True story btw)


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