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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Join Me! - LaRezisto

Jonas, we've been contacted by someone who can help... bring us Emma and together we can fight the Order.

Music: by Darren Boling


  1. Is it me or does "A Ceremony Girl" sound really cheesy/campy?

    And where are they getting the money for all these new characters?

  2. What else are they supposed to call them?

    A ceremony girl doesnt sound campy at all to me.

  3. So is this Buffy or Faith?

    Ah, nevermind. When I saw the title I thought of Star Wars. Sooner or later the biological mother of one of these girls is bound to show up.

    If the Order is so scared of this chick...where the hell has she been?! Obviously superspeed isn't her power...

    Is it me or is it like they decided to go for a reboot in Season 2. There were plenty of times when Bree was way more angry the Emma when she killed the Order guy and no one died from her scary uncontrollable power. Can't wait to hear why some girls have the power and others don't.

  4. are there trait positive boys that will be emerging in the storyline?

    i'm skeptical. well... i go back and forth being skeptical. why did they make the vid the way the order does? with the same music and all? not as believable. and then... with how elaborate evertyhing else was, like gemma and jules... why shouldn't this be something different? it's hard to know, but nonetheless, it was an interesting video.

  5. I dont trust LaRezisto.

  6. I think there is a reason only girls thus far are trait+

  7. I can see why people don't trust her, but remember that at first, people didn't trust Jonas. And look where he is now.

  8. Umm...How is it they have money for all these annoying new people but they don't have money for Spencer (Max). We need to be asking ourselves this question...


  9. I already dont like her. And who will she end up sleeping with? Jonas or Daniel?

    Dull. :(

  10. only girls are supposed to be trait positive because, in our male dominated western culture, women are still regarded as "mysterious" and something to be afraid of. it's the same thing, over and over. simone de beauvoir does a good job of explaining how the myths that were constructed around menstruation only helped to alienate women from mainstream culture and society: they didn't understand it hence they were afraid of it, so they had to come up with some explanation that made it "wrong", such us impurity. so yeah, machismo 101.

  11. She's nopt a new character.


    she's been with us since season 1.
    open your eyes

  12. But how does P-monkey figure in all of this? ... that's what I want to know.

  13. lol, bubblekiller, and yes it seems they value these ppl more than Spencer's part in the storyline.

    Maybe you should post that in that question in the forums.

  14. She does look alot like Sonia..I agree. But it's not the same girl, I don't think.

  15. P. Monkey is still negotiating a new contract. P. wants to be the next ceremony girl but will only do the gig if George Michael will write a new song called "Ceremony Girl" for the episode. P. has also requested to appear in the music video with a number of other supermodels.

  16. i kept humming that gwen stefani song "orange county girl" in my head. ... "i'm just a ceremony girl, living in an extraordinary world."

    i totally gotta agree with joe's comment at the top. "ceremony girl" sounds so cheesy, it's shorthand that the fans made up, but doesn't sound good from a character.

  17. Actually i think the above comment about why only girls are trait+ is wrong.

    Females have always been known as "The Life Givers" they are the mothers. the birth givers.

    They give life.

  18. I find the lips on frozen frame before you start the video highly disturbing.

  19. the life givers? that essentializes women as mothers. plus, in order for life to be created you need both mother and father. yes, women give birth but they don't create the baby on their own. the fact that women are seen as "life givers" puts all the responsibility of child rearing and caring on them. so, maybe that's the reason why there are only ceremony girls but it's part of that whole system that makes women's biologies and anatomies their supposed destinies, subjectivities and identities.


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